What Is the pH of Tap Water In Port St Lucie FL?

Need a reliable and quick water testing solution in Port St Lucie? Call Eastern Water And Health to test the pH of tap water in your area. Florida has a problematic past when it comes to the quality of tap water and drinking water in its cities. Although tap water in Port St Lucie is safe and the quality is continuously improving, it is important to regulate and ensure the pH level of water before its intake.  

If you want to know what is pH of tap water in Port St Lucie, you can schedule a water testing with Eastern Water And Health. Our experts will reach your property, test your water, suggest the best course of action if the water quality is below the level of acceptance. You can neutralize and balance the quality of water by using the right water treatment solutions and filtration systems. Water from every area has a unique requirement and you can customize the services by choosing the right professionals at Eastern Water and Health. Contact us for quick water pH level testing or request a free quote first.

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What Is The pH of Tap Water In Port St Lucie?

According to chemistry, pH value ranges from 1 to 14 denoting the scale of acidic and base. For example, foods like yogurt, cheese are acidic in nature and come on a pH level of 0 to 7, however food items like beetroots, kale, etc. are basic or alkaline in nature that falls above the 7 to 14 pH range. Water is neutral and is leveled at 7 on the pH scale. The tap water of Port St Lucie is hard and contains minerals that could disturb the neutral level of water.   

In recent years the Florida department of health has worked hard to protect the tap water quality and make sure it is decontaminated before reaching the common public. Water in Florida can easily be contaminated with microbes and individuals are recommended to check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of drinking water every three to four months to avoid any water-borne disease in the family.

pH And Alkalinity In Tap Water

As mentioned earlier, water in Port St Lucie, Florida is highly alkaline, but do you know why? A large amount of the state’s water supply comes from its aquifers, which consist of a large amount of limestone and it affects the pH level of water and makes it alkaline. This water is drawn by pumps and submersible, and if left untreated there could be a chance of contamination. 

Basic water or water with a higher pH level can taste a bit weird and soapy. You may notice dry skin, watermarks on buckets, and utensils that store water for a longer period. These are the signs that you need to check the water quality and take the help of a professional to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your family.

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Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Port St Lucie?

The direct answer to this question is ‘Yes’, as in many residential places the government purifies the tap water before sending the supply. However, you must consider having a water purifier in your home to avoid any mishap. The tap water in Port St Lucie is regulated according to the EPA health guidelines and it would not upset your stomach in an instant, but there can be contaminants or bleach that was used to kill any potential microbes present in it. This could affect your health in the long run. 

If you are a resident in Port St Lucie, you can use the tap water to cook food, take bath and use in house chores. For drinking purposes, it would be better to get your tap water checked and use a water purifier depending on the quality of water. At Eastern Water And Health, we will test your water and offer comprehensive water filtration solutions.

Does Port St Lucie Have Lead In Water?

Talking about the presence of lead in the water of Port St Lucie, studies have found that there is 0.0019 mg/L lead present in the water of Port St Lucie. However, this lead found in water does not come from the water source, but from the corrosion of household plumbing systems. Also, the amount of lead can vary from area to area and building to building. If there is an old pipeline in your area, there is a greater chance of having lead content in the tap water. 

This amount of lead can be relatively small and would not directly affect your health, but if there are children or pets in your family make sure to use a proper water filtration system. Lead can be infectious to health and it is recommended to take professionals’ help to safeguard the drinking water from any such elements.

How To Ensure Safe Water In Port St Lucie?

Safe drinking water in Port St Lucie still remains one of the most common necessities in every household. If you live in Florida and are looking for ways to improve the quality and taste of your tap water, or are just worried about the pH balance of water you can call the professionals of Eastern Water And Health and get a free water test and consultation. 

We have a team of highly trained professionals, we would identify the problem in your water and provide better quality than you acquire. We can provide different services like testing of pH level of water, eliminating contaminants through a filtration system, and managing the mineral balance of the water to ensure the great health of your family.

At Eastern Water And Health, we are a team of experts that ensure you a proper quality of drinking water in Port St Lucie. Hire us for water testing and filtration method in residential and commercial areas.

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