We Provide Emergency Well Water Service to Port St Lucie, Florida

Whether you have a private well or your home’s water comes from well water treated by the county, ensuring you are consuming quality water may require emergency well water service on your property. Eastern Water and Health wants to educate consumers so that residents of Port St Lucie can begin drinking the healthiest and cleanest water as soon as possible.

St. Lucie County water predominantly comes from 40 wells that tap into an underground aquifer. Though there is natural filtration that occurs when water above ground seeps through the soil, and the water is treated at plants before reaching homes and businesses, there are still contaminants present in treated water. To read more information about the quality of public water, click this link to see the annual water quality report for the county.

On the other hand, having a private well on your property means that the responsibility of clean, healthy household water is on the property owner. It is important to know exactly what could be in your water, how it affects the quality of water, and how it is impacting you and your family.

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Signs You Could Benefit From a Well Water Treatment System Install or Repair

If of the following circumstances apply to your family or your water or existing well water treatment system, it is time to hire a local Florida repair service company:

Unappetizing look/taste/smell: your water is cloudy or murky, has a strong odor (such as rotten eggs), or tastes bitter or unpleasant. This means there is a presence of various contaminants and your water needs a treatment install or repair.

Scale and scum build-up: your soap is no longer lathering normally, you notice you use more cleaning products than usual, your water fixtures are coated with scale build-up and plumbing fixtures are starting to break down, and your clothes are dull and coarse, your skin is dry and your hair is dull. These are all signs of the presence of minerals that are making your water hard.

Change in water pressure: if you notice that your water pressure is lower than normal, this could be due to scale build-up in your plumbing or a leak in your existing well water treatment system. Promptly addressing either cause could save a significant amount of money long-term in plumbing repairs and product purchases.

Vulnerable family members: if you have family members who struggle with existing health issues, are vulnerable to cancers or other ailments, are vulnerable due to age, or vulnerable due to pregnancy, it is vital that you repair you’re existing well water treatment system, or install a treatment system to protect their health.

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Emergency Well Water Service Our Company Provides

There are several services that we offer to new and existing customers. From a brand new well water treatment system installation, and maintenance on existing systems, to repairs to keep systems successfully running, we have the equipment and technology to help all customers.

No matter how well you maintain your system, there may come a time when your system needs pump repairs or to be replaced. Low or no pressure in your house could indicate that you need a simple pump replacement. Making a service call to our business could have your good pump replaced quickly, showing you immediate results in increased water pressure.

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Where Should You Begin?

Now that you know what could be in your water and how it is affecting your family, the first step would be to contact our company and ask for a water test, or an inspection if you have an existing well water treatment system. A technician on our team can come to your site and determine if there is a need for any replacing pumps, repairing a leak, or other repairs needed to be done. We would create a specialized affordable plan to fix the groundwater that flows throughout your home.

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Eastern Water and Health does an excellent job of providing well water installation, repair services, and maintenance to customers in St Lucie County, Florida Port St Lucie, and surrounding areas. If you are in need of emergency construction, well drilling, repaired components or replacement of pumps, call our team to get connected to a professional technician today. We will get you drinking better, cleaner, healthier water in no time

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