Every patient undergoing dialysis depends upon high-quality, clean, and purified water. Therefore, hospitals and clinics require water treatment for dialysis patients to ensure quality treatment. On average, a dialysis patient is exposed to 40 gallons of water every treatment, which is up to 19,000 gallons over three years – equivalent to what a healthy person consumes in his lifetime. Although standard tap water is safe to drink, it can be harmful to hemodialysis patients. Further, if contaminants are not removed or cleaned from the water before dialysis treatment, it can have harmful impacts on patients. That said, providing clean & purified water for hemodialysis patients is critical to driving positive outcomes. It is our passion to ensure the highest quality water for anyone seeking our services.

Fortunately, water treatment through reverse osmosis (RO) systems has come to aid. These water distribution systems ensure clean water for dialysis patients. If you’re planning to install reverse osmosis or any other type of water purification system, reach out to PSL Water Guy today. Call our experts at 772 301 1767 or book your appointment.

Why Do You Need Water Treatment For Dialysis?

Over 383 900 patients in the U.S. undergo hemodialysis treatment ‘three times per week,’ which requires 300-600 liters of water based on their prescription. Since water gets easily contaminated with calcium and minerals, it can cause significant health problems as patients’ compromised kidneys cannot remove these contaminants from the body. Therefore, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has set chemical and microbiological standards for water used to prepare the treatment needed for dialysis patients.

Every hospital and dialysis center must use a dialysis water distribution system to maintain the water quality during the treatment. Further, a dialysis machine needs pure water to prevent patients from getting infections from microorganisms in the water. To reduce chemical contaminants from within the water to be used, hospitals must use high-quality water treatment for dialysis. Contact our professionals to install water systems.

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Types Of Water Treatment Systems For Purifying Water

Water purification is necessary for dialysis treatment. However, the proper water system works wonders in dialysis treatments and ensures patients’ good health. There are different types of water treatment systems that provide dialysis quality water.

  • Reverse Osmosis – The most renowned water purification system, RO filters water by forcing tap water via a semipermeable membrane, and the filter is directed to storage tanks. The impurities are separated from the water and are flushed down the drain. 
  • UV water purification – This water system uses UV light to inactive bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that are present in the water. The UV water system is a chemical-free and safe way to disinfect water. 
  • Water filtration system – As the name suggests, the system may include one or more filters to eradicate taste, color, odor, and certain chemicals like chlorine.

Once any water filtration system is installed, water treatment equipment inside requires maintenance and annual cleaning. So, contact our experts for water filter installation, maintenance, and repair services today, and our experts are just a call away.

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What Is The Process Of Purifying Water For Dylasis Treatment?

Today, reverse osmosis, or RO system is the most used water purification system for dialysis patients. The reverse osmosis unit ensures that the patients get safe and clean water during dialysis treatment. The RO membrane is the heart of the system, which purifies water through the process of reverse osmosis. It means the concentrated water is forced to flow in the opposite direction across a semipermeable membrane using high pressure. As pure water passes through the membrane, dissolved solids are left behind. The RO membranes reject dissolved inorganic elements such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Metals
  • Salts
  • Microorganisms & other organic entities such as viruses and bacteria.

This is how the water purification process works to purify water pre-treatment of dialysis patients. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, water treatment systems should be maintained and cleaned regularly to restore their capacity and function. Contact our professionals today if you want to install a reverse osmosis system at your dialysis center.

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Dialysis Water Purification System For Quality Treatment

Tap water doesn’t meet the requirements needed for dialysis water treatment due to the chemicals water municipals add to purify water. These chemicals include aluminum sulfate, Fluoride, and polyphosphate to reduce corrosion and various disinfectants like chlorine oxide, chloramine, and chlorine. These chemicals are harmful to dialysis patients since their kidneys are unable to filter the contaminants from their bodies.

Therefore, the dialysis water purification system plays a major role in purifying water and ensuring quality treatment for patients. Whether you’re planning to install a reverse osmosis system or a water filtration system, PSL Water Guy is here to help. We have a team of qualified experts to provide you with top-notch and affordable services. Further, we also offer maintenance and repair services for water filtration systems to disinfect water from all contamination. Being a local, knowledgeable company, we strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction with our services. We ensure to provide you with quality management for your dialysis treatment.  Call our experts at 772 301 1767 to get a free estimate or schedule an online appointment with us today.

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PSL Water Guy is a trusted company offering dialysis water treatment system installation services in Florida. We’re concerned about the health of dialysis patients that’s why we offer cost-effective services to access cleaner and healthy water. Connect with experts to get purified water today. 

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