Water Treatment for Car Detailers

Have you ever wondered about water treatment for car detailers? Florida, the Sunshine State, has one of the highest numbers of vehicles in the country. Those vehicles can be subjected to scratches, dust, bugs, and lots and lots of pollen. While general car washes work, water treatment for car detailers is a demanding service. The purpose of car detail and car wash is to leave behind a spot-free vehicle. However, it becomes next to impossible with 100 – 300 ppm water hardness. This is why car detailing businesses are moving towards water treatment for car detailers. With the total dissolved solids of water in Florida being slightly above the standard parameters, spots and streaky finishes are common after a vehicle has been washed. Though it might not cause any adverse effects on health, it does make the car wash water not ideal for car detailing.

While the homeowners in Florida can use a whole home water softener to eliminate hard water from their houses, car detailers should turn to water treatment systems installation. PSL Water Guy is a leading business in Florida offering a spectrum of services such as reverse osmosis system installation, repair, and replacement. We also offer water treatment system installation for all locations, mobile or stationary. At PSL Water Guy, we pride ourselves  on offering on-time and cost-effective services. Connect with our professionals today at 772 301 1767 or book an appointment online.

Install Water Treatment For Car Detailers For Spot-Free Rinse

It is next to impossible to avoid scratches in the lifetime of your vehicle. When you eat or drink in your car, leftovers can fall in spots that can’t be cleaned without professional services. Because of these facts, car washing and detailing are essential services if you want to keep your car clean, inside and out. Using a hose or pressure washer can result in hard water spots if you are a car detailing business owner. If you have no water treatment system, the water itself gives you more work as you have to dry quickly to avoid spots and streaks.

PSL Water Guy is knowledgeable in understanding all the issues connected with contaminated water. Our experts realise that allergen-free and soft water can benefit both business owners and the environment. Thus, we offer economical water treatment systems installation services. We are the most trusted and reliable company in Florida. Connect with our professionals online, or click the button below to book your appointment.

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Remove Ions From Your Water Supply With DI System Installation

DI or deionized water is essential to prevent water spots on your customer’s cars. Deionized water is free from all the mineral ions such as magnesium, calcium, salt, sodium, chlorine, etc., or any other contaminants. Moreover, if the water in your tanks is not deionized, it can lead to corrosion of the car, rust formation, and hard water spots. With DI water, you can be assured of a spot-free wash. If you want to benefit from deionized water, we suggest you visit our services immediately. At PSL Water Guy, we understand the benefits of DI water and thus provide our customers with a Deionization system installation. With our water treatment services, you can be assured of on-time services at economical rates. We use top-of-the-line equipment for installation. Moreover, if you haven’t purchased a system, our experts can help you select the right one for your business.

We understand car detailing greatly benefits from having purified and soft water, so we offer point-of-use and point-of-entry water treatment system installation to avoid any contaminants in the tap water. If you own a car detailing company, deionized water is necessary and we are your key to acquiring it. Hire our professionals online or book an appointment at 772 301 1767.

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Final Rinse With Soft Water For A Smooth Finish

during this step, water plays an essential role. If the car wash water is hard, it can leave water spots on the car, resulting in increased labour and unsatisfied customers. If you want to avoid such situations, installing a water purification system is beneficial. Some contaminants can’t be eliminated with water filters. This is where the reverse osmosis water system, deionization system, and water softener system come in handy.

A water filtration system is not enough to eliminate the effects of hard water. Therefore, we at PSL Water Guy are here to assist you with our water softener installation services. We know that soft water is the solution for a smooth last rinse; thus offer timely water softener installations.

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PSL Water Guy - Cost-effective Water Treatment Service Partner

PSL Water Guy is a leading water purification service company in Florida. We are renowned for being a reliable and trusted business. With integrity and transparency as our core values, we aim to provide our clients with 100% price transparency for our services. We follow a customer-first approach and, therefore, work according to our customers’ deadlines. Our professionals are comfortable working on tight schedules and are available on short notice. Whether you are a car detailing or cash wash business owner, our experts are here to assist everyone.

We assure you of quick installation, repair, and replacement in all areas, such as near the water tank, at point-of-use, etc. Our experts pride themselves in serving all the central locations throughout the Treasure Coast – Vero Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm City, West Palm Beach, Tradition, etc.

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PSL Water Guy is one of the most trusted and efficient businesses in South Florida. If you are troubled with water spots, switch to RO water or a deionized water system installation. Hire our professionals for a quick installation, repair, and replacement process.

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