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Hard water is the biggest concern among the people in America, especially in Florida. It is not just an inconvenience but dramatically decreases the lifespan of plumbing appliances in your home, ultimately leading to many plumbing problems. As a resident of Florida, you can get rid of hard water issues with water softener installation Tradition FL. According to WHO, 1 in 3 three people worldwide does not have access to safe drinking water. However, drinking hard water can be beneficial for the body, as stated by WHO, because it contains magnesium and calcium, which is helpful for those who are marginal for calcium and magnesium intake. Having said that, hard water can cause many issues, including dull skin and hair, low flow rate during the shower, minerals collecting in plumbing systems, etc. These problems can easily be curbed by installing a water filtration system.

If you want to get a water softener installed on your property, PSL WaterGuy is here to help. We’re among the renowned water softener companies offering top-notch and economical services to customers. Even if you want to repair, replacement, or maintenance services, our professionals will ensure to provide quality services. Schedule your appointment with us or call us at 772 301 1767.

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Need To Treat Hard Water? Install A Water Softener System In Tradition, Fl

Is your water rusty, cloudy, loaded with flaky particles, or giving a strange odor? If yes, these are clear signs of hard water. The residents of Florida often face hard water issues because the Florida groundwater percolates through limestone, which picks up magnesium and calcium deposits. Since Florida’s drinking water is sourced from private and public wells that collect rain and stormwater, it is susceptible to limestone exposure. Thus, it makes Florida drinking water contaminated; however, hard water per se is not harmful. But these minerals sometimes do affect the body and home appliances negatively. It is because the minerals buildup on the appliances reduces their efficiency. According to the U.S. Geological Survey report, 85% of homes in the nation have hard water. It is also said that hard water is directly responsible for bacterial growth in residential drinking water.

In addition, hard water also produces black, reddish-orange, and white stains on laundry, toilet, sink, and soap scum around drains and other fixtures. That’s where water softeners play a crucial role in reducing the high concentration of these heavy metals and minerals. At PSL WaterGuy, we offer water softener installation in Tradition FL. We install custom water softener systems, including reverse osmosis, ion exchange water softener, water softener for water wells, etc. Our team of professionals has years of experience and installs premium water softener systems that work well and give you a long-term whole-house solution. Connect with our experts today to get a free quote or schedule an online appointment with us.

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Top Benefits Of Installing A Water Treatment System

Water is essential for keeping the body hydrated as well as food preparation, bathing, sanitation, maintaining hygiene, and other variety of uses. The primary object of the drinking water supply is to protect human health; however, when the water gets contaminated, it negatively impacts the body and household appliances. Therefore, installing a water softener will provide you with plenty of benefits, including a clean and soft water supply. Here are the fantastic benefits you can reap after installing a water filtration system:

Get healthier and soft skin.

 About 85% of the U.S. area is hard water. If you have always used hard water to take a bath or shower, you might have felt dry after a shower due to the magnesium and calcium present in the water. A water treatment system will eliminate those minerals without compromising your water quality. 

Increases the life of the plumbing system

Water containing high amounts of minerals and calcium cause corrosion inside pipes leading to rust, leaks, and damage over time. Through the house filtration system, water gets softened and leaves behind minerals in the pipes, which ultimately extends the life of your plumbing system.

Removes odor and unwanted taste from water

People often deal with the odor and unpleasant taste of water which causes gums to be more sensitive due to the presence of minerals. A water treatment system will benefit you by making your cooking and drinking water purer and free from foul odor and bad taste

Saves you money

Water that contains minerals, calcium, and magnesium accumulates in the water tank, due to which the tank consumes more energy in heating water, and this causes more energy bills. Therefore, a water softener system can save money by decreasing the amount of calcium in the water.

If you want to reap the aforementioned benefits, install a water softener system today. At PSL WaterGuy, we offer affordable quality services to all our customers. With our quality water softener installation services, you will quickly eliminate all the hard water issues and enjoy more clean and soft water, ultimately saving energy costs. Without any delay, connect with our experts and reap water softener system benefits.

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Types Of Water Treatment Systems To Choose From

There are different types of water treatment systems available in the market. Different water systems work differently; therefore, knowing their types will help you make a wise decision. The types of water treatment systems include:

Reverse osmosis (R.O.)

A widely-used water treatment system, R.O. works by filtering water through reverse osmosis membranes using pressure. The filter removes a large number of contaminants from the water, particularly those that cause dangerous waterborne diseases. The freshwater produced from the system is called permeate, and the leftover water is called waste or brine. 

ION exchange

This treatment system is good for removing hard water and radioactive materials. The system contains a substance that exchanges one ion for another as water flows through it. For instance, the system will replace magnesium and calcium, which cause water hardness, with sodium ions. All ion exchange water filters incorporate advanced resin technology that ensures quality water. 

Water filtration system

It is the system in which water passes through sediment filters (as the name suggests) to remove color, odor, iron, taste, and turbidity. The sediment filters are highly effective as they can remove the particles from the water and make it soft and drinkable water. 

Whole house water filter system

This system usually connects to your house’s primary water supply line and filters all water throughout. This includes faucets, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. The system works by removing impurities from the water using a fine physical barrier and chemical and biological processes.

No matter which type of water treatment system you want to install, the experts at PSL WaterGuy are always ready to offer you comprehensive services. They have years of experience in this field and have adequate knowledge of installing any water treatment system. Whether you want to install a water treatment system at your home or office, we offer services for all. Call us at 772 301 1767 or book an appointment with us.

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How To Choose The Right Water Softener For You?

It has become more crucial than ever in the 21st century to have clean water to keep the body and surroundings healthy. This can only become possible when you have the right water filtration system installed at your home or residential property. Since the water softener system holds a lot of value, choosing the right treatment system is crucial to ultimately get access to clean, soft, and quality water. If you’re wondering how to choose the right water softener, here are the key points mentioned below. Go through them.

Figure out what’s there in your water

The first step in choosing the right water system is to check what chemical contaminants are there in your water. Once you get to know the chemical buildup inside the water, you can get a relevant idea of what system will work best to remove these contaminants from the water.

Household size and water usage

The fact is that a person uses 75 gallons of water per day, which means an average family of 4 uses about 300 gallons of water per day. If you use more water and face hard water issues, then you need a higher-capacity water softener tank that can fulfill all your requirements.

Consider water softener regeneration style 

How the water softener regenerates soft and clean water is another main tip to consider while choosing the system. A water softener system can be set to regenerate water at night when water isn’t in use. So, look for a system that can tell you when more salt is needed or give you regular calendar reminders to manually monitor salt levels.

Check online reviews 

The universal rule before buying any product is to check out online reviews, and this is what you also need to do. Whatever type of water softener system you are buying, make sure to go through the online client reviews to get a clear idea of whether the people are satisfied with the softener or not. This will be really helpful for you to decide whether to buy the softener or not.

The aforementioned are the significant tips that you must follow while choosing the water softener system. Even if you struggle to choose the right softener, then PSL WaterGuy is here to help. We have a team of experts who can guide you and provide you with suggestions on which water softener system is suitable for you. So, if you want to install a new unit on your property, connect with us today.

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Ensure Clean & Soft Water Supply With PSL WaterGuy

Are you planning to install a water treatment system? If yes, you would be looking for the best water softener installation company in Port St Lucie. PSL WaterGuy is your ultimate solution for your hard water problems. We’re a highly reputed and licensed company in Florida. We are great at installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services for water softener systems. Our highly skilled and experienced water softener service specialists are available 24/7 for all your needs and requirements. We have years of experience in this business and have provided customers with quality and cost-effective services. Our technicians use advanced tools and approaches to installing any type and size of water softener system on your property.

We understand the problems caused by hard water; therefore, we offer services to people living in areas including West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, FL, and other areas. Whether you’re interested in installing a water softener for the first time or want to replace your old system, our professional technicians can help. We’re a prominent company among the residents of Florida as we offer affordable services and drive 100% customer satisfaction. Are you ready to improve the quality of the water in your house or office? You can call our experts at 772 301 1767 for water softener installation services or any related queries. Also, schedule an appointment with us and get a no-obligation estimate on any water softener system needs.

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PSL WaterGuy is a renowned company offering quality and cost-effective water softener installation services to the residents of Tradition, Port Saint Lucie, FL. Our professionals will provide you with quality services and suggestions that will increase the durability and longevity of the water system. Call our experts at 772 301 1767 for further queries and related questions. 

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