Water Quality Testing In Port St Lucie

Over the years, the local water supply in St Lucie County has gone through some changes. Water quality testing is required to meet federal and state safety standards, but are their standards providing you with clean and healthy drinking water? At Eastern Water and Health, we provide drinking water quality testing in Port St Lucie. We look for contaminants in the water that may cause unnecessary irritation and illness. #PSLWaterGuy

Water is multipurpose, and this is a universal need. The quality of it affects everyone, so the water you drink must be of good quality. To maintain a healthy life, clean water is an essential need. Eastern Water and Health is a trusted name when it comes to drinking water testing. We use high-end equipment to foster best-in-class testing and adhere to safety protocols. Ready to have healthy drinking water? 

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Drinking Water Quality Testing In Port St. Lucie FL

Port St. Lucie, nestled in South Florida, is a beautiful spot. With beautiful bamboo and thriving communities everywhere, the water here is regularly tested to check if it meets the public health standards and is safe for humans as well as the environment.  

Most of Florida’s water comes from public wells which are safe, but it still has some contaminants that might pose a threat to your health. The water you drink should be free of any harmful bacteria and rich in minerals, therefore it is required to get your water quality tested timely. As per the annual water quality report of the Florida department, the drinking water contained impurities such as copper, lead, Haloacetic Acids, TTHM [Total trihalomethanes], chlorine, beryllium, cyanide, sodium, and fluoride. These impurities can affect public health and are a big concern. #PSLWaterGuy

This is where Eastern Water And Health come in handy. By calling our team, we can offer in-home, high-quality water testing to ensure that no impurity goes unnoticed. We aim for a little to no impurities to remain in your drinking water and will provide you with options for solutions. 

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Why Is Drinking Water Quality Testing Important?

Public health is a prime concern, and a significant factor that affects human health is water. This calls for water quality testing. Water has several purposes, there is drinking water, well water, and water that flows naturally on the surface of Earth such as rivers and streams. We use water for washing clothes, and dishes, bathing, even watering plants, and, of course, for drinking.

The question that arises is, is the water safe? Well, generally speaking, yes. It saves and is required for life; however, with human contamination being so prevalent, untreated water can make us very ill. Even with tap water, old pipes can cause excess iron and lead into your water. This is why everyone needs drinking water quality testing. 

Being a multipurpose source, water not only affects your body but the environment. It can get contaminated through various sources, such as lead pipes, soil, etc. So, it is safe to conclude that drinking water quality testing is important for public health, environmental protection, and disease control.

We at Eastern Water and Health assure that we follow all the safety procedures to ensure that your water is free of contaminants. We also provide water treatment installations to ensure a safe water system for you.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water Without Testing In Port St. Lucie?

Are you wondering if it is safe to drink tap water without testing? The straight answer is- yes. The Environmental Protection Agency would be in St Lucie very quickly if it was not. Water must stay below a maximum contaminant level goal and pass many tests before coming to your home. The city will always take extra precautions to ensure water is safe. St Lucie water is tested for impurities that can cause illness and if said impurities are found, the city goes on a boil water notice. 

The problem with St Lucie water is the same problem you find in any city. The water is cleaned using chemicals that remain in the water supply. As long as the chemicals are below specific percentages, the water is deemed safe. At Eastern Water and Health, we don’t want any chemicals in our drinking water and we don’t think you do either. 

Drinking tap water comes with the following risks. 

  • Pipes that water travels through may begin to break down over time releasing excess metals into your water source. 
  • Water from the tap can become contaminated
  • The water supply through taps can have an unfiltered or chlorine taste 

Eastern Water and Health understands this and works with the goal of providing you with the highest quality of water possible. We house a team of professionals who have hands-on experience in the field, and we guarantee an accurate water quality report.

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Why Trust Eastern Water And Health?

Eastern Water And Health is a trusted company. We provide services such as local water supply testing, water quality reports, water treatment installations, and water filter change in Port St. Lucie. We aim to provide you with the best services to fix all of your water-related issues, be it water quality testing or anything else. 

Eastern Water And Health is home to a professional team with years of experience and expertise in the field. Another advantage of hiring us is that we use products from local vendors, and this guarantees that the reports will be accurate because the equipment is made keeping in the water quality of Port St Lucie, Florida. We also test our water systems to ensure they are working perfectly before installing them in your home. 

Finally, the best part about hiring us is that you get to enjoy all our exclusive services at an affordable price. To protect public health from water contaminants, we are your one-stop water testing and purifier solution.

We work intending to provide you with the highest quality water by providing solutions to maintain a clean and healthy water system. Unlike others, we take pride in offering permanent solutions to your problems and not temporary ones. Hire us today for accurate and fast water quality testing.