Water Systems

Here at Eastern Water and Health, we take the time to make sure our systems meet your needs. We provide multiple types of systems in a number of sizes so we can tailor it to your own house. 

Reverse Osmosis

Under the Skin Reverse Osmosis System Installation Port St Lucie - PSLWaterGuy - Eastern Water and HealthWith water quality constantly changing, it’s only natural for families to be concerned about what’s in their water. Chlorine, lead, arsenic, nitrates and other total dissolved solids could be lurking in your water. If you want clean, better tasting and odor free water, this is your simplest solution. #PSLWaterGuy

Water Conditioners / Softeners

Do you have hard water stains, soap scum, lime deposits or chlorine smells you want to get rid of? A water conditioner might be the answer to all of those problems. Soft water not only helps reduce mineral scaling and build up, which extends your appliances life span, but also increases their efficiency. That means more money that stays in your pocket! There is no “one type fits all” system for water filtration. Call today for a free consultation and water test to determine your water quality and what type of system will fit your homes needs.

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Full House Filters

Water Filter Change - PSLWaterGuy - Eastern Water and HealthLike hard water but cant stand showering in the chlorine? We have solutions for treating just the chlorine. At Eastern Water and Health we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We take the time to make sure we find the best fit for your individual situation. #PSLWaterGuy

Well Water

Water Filtration System - Cleaner Healthier Water - PSLWaterGuy - Eastern Water and HealthDealing with well water can be tricky as there are a lot of variables like eggy smells, high iron, low ph just to name a few. We check for 3 basic components, on top of our regular tests, to determine the right system for your water. Our water techs have spent years testing water here in Florida and in other states, which helps give them the experience to properly diagnoses and correctly treat your water.

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