Today, due to the increasing levels of pollution and the spread of contaminants causing waterborne diseases, purified water has become necessary for every household. Although St. Lucie county treats the water coming into your household, unnecessary chemicals and contaminants are still left in your water. If you are looking for a good water filter that can provide safe and great tasting water in your home or business, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration is one of the most cost-effective and convenient water filtration systems available. If you are wondering how does reverse osmosis work, look no further. This article will help you understand the reverse osmosis process.

In simple terms,  a reverse osmosis water filter works as pressure is applied across a semi permeable membrane, removing contaminants to flush down the drain. The filtered water is collected in the storage tank for you to use as you need it. Let’s learn more about reverse osmosis functions. Do you need instant water treatment for your home or business? Call Eastern Water and Health to schedule a consultation!

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​Is Reverse Osmosis, RO, a Good Filtration Option?

At Eastern Water And Health, we have been in the filtration business since 2016 and have found reverse osmosis filtration to be one of the best filtration systems available to remove harmful contaminants from tap water.

If you are looking for a water system to improve the taste, odor, and appearance of your tap water, Reverse Osmosis water filters are the perfect solution. Here is the most common application for RO technology.

Installation At The Kitchen Sink:
A Small RO system can be easily installed under the kitchen sink to provide top-quality tap water. This is also called a “Point Of Use” water filtration system and can also be connected to your refrigerator and ice machine.

At Eastern Water And Health, we provide a wide range of Reverse Osmosis Systems designed for different purposes. If you want to ensure safe drinking water for your family and business, feel free to give us a call at 772-301-1767.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis Water System?

Reverse Osmosis is primarily used to remove contaminants from feed water or unfiltered water when pressure is applied through a semipermeable membrane. Water flows from the higher concentration side of the RO membrane to the less concentrated (reduced contaminants) side to provide clean and great tasting water.

A semi permeable membrane has fine pores to block contaminants that may not be visible to the naked eye. The reverse osmosis membrane eliminates harmful chemicals such as pesticides, viruses, microorganisms, ions, bacteria, etc. In fact, Reverse Osmosis membranes can remove total dissolved solids TDS, while other filtration technologies cannot.

How Does A Reverse Osmosis System Work?

A reverse osmosis system removes sediment and chlorine from water using a pre-filter before the water is forced through a semipermeable membrane to eliminate total dissolved solids. After filtered water comes through RO, it passes through a postfilter to improve taste and appearance. 
A reverse osmosis system has many stages based on the number of pre-filters and post-filters. If you are wondering how reverse osmosis works, here is the process.

RO Membrane Stage:
The RO Membrane acts like a focal point of a Reverse Osmosis system, but the RO system also includes other filtration methods. RO systems include up to 3, 4, or 5 stages of filtration.
Each type of Reverse Osmosis System contains one or more of the following filters;

  • Sediment Filter: It removes particles such as dust, dirt, and rust.
  • Carbon Filter: It reduces voltaic organic compounds, Chlorine, and other contaminants responsible for giving the water a bad smell and taste.
  • Semipermeable membrane: Eliminates up to 98% of total dissolved solids TDS.

​What Does Reverse Osmosis System Remove?

A reverse osmosis system removes contaminants causing waterborne diseases and chemicals such as arsenic and fluoride using the RO membrane. An RO system often includes sediment and carbon filters to ensure high-quality drinking water. With carbon and sediment water filters, a Reverse Osmosis system can remove:

  • Fluoride
  • Salt
  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • VOCs
  • Pesticides

​Are All Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems equal?

There are various types of Reverse Osmosis RO water filtration systems available on the market. While a RO system may look similar in design and functions, there is a significant difference between systems. Reverse Osmosis systems may vary in terms of:

  • Number of RO Membrane Stages and Stages of Filtration
  • Quality of Their Components
  • Amount of water that can be filtered each day. (This amount if usually comes in “GDP” Gallons Per Day)

How Reverse Osmosis Systems Benefit You?

A reverse osmosis system is one of the most cost-effective and extensive methods of filtration. It removes up to 98% of contaminants, including dissolved solids, which makes it healthier and better-tasting. 

A water softener can also be used to improve taste and remove odors, but it is way less efficient than a RO system. Here is how installing a Reverse Osmosis system can help you.

  • Reduce dissolved contaminants
  • Remove sodium
  • Eliminate bad tastes and odors
  • Eliminate the need for bottled water to save the environment
  • Cut expenditures on purchasing bottled water
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be easily fit under kitchen sink

​Is A Reverse Osmosis System Worth It?

In short, yes, a RO system is absolutely worth the cost. Looking at the cost alone, the Reverse Osmosis system usually costs less than 30-cents per day and is perfect for all sizes of families. Since most Americans purchase bottled water for households, installing a RO system can save a lot from a cost-cutting perspective.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain. All You need is to get filter changes as needed. If you are currently using a reverse osmosis water filtration system and need professional maintenance or need a new installation, call Eastern Water and Health. We offer a wide range of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration services. Explore our services here.

Do you want to protect your family or employees from consuming contaminated water? Call Eastern Water and Health for best-in-class water treatment solutions.
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