Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water For Yachts

Yachts are a luxury few can own, and the ones who don’t hold them have the option to rent them! Reverse osmosis drinking water for yachts is necessary since the significant purpose of yachts is year-round accommodation and entertainment. Reverse osmosis is an energy-efficient method of converting seawater into freshwater, making it drinkable. Reverse osmosis drinking water for yachts also reduces the demand for freshwater tanks. Simultaneously, the reverse osmosis watermaker desalinates the salt water and produces fresh water. Later, the freshwater can be used for drinking, cooking, showers, etc.

Eastern Water And Health understands that water tanks occupy vast spaces on yachts, so we offer water filtration system installation, repair, and replacement. Whether your yacht has a modular design or a complex desalination system, our installation workers have expertise in all. We will install the water treatment systems quickly and efficiently so that you always have enough water on your yachts. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 772 301 1767 right away!

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Desalinate Water For Yachts With Reverse Osmosis Technology

On average, when yachts are used for long cruising trips, 20 gallons of water per person is utilized daily. This freshwater comes from seashore water treatment plants or through reverse osmosis technology. With this technology, the seawater passes through semi-permeable membranes like charcoal filters, and as a result, these systems produce fresh water.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers separate the large molecules (contaminants, chlorine) from water molecules and make the salt water drinkable. Though many yachts have water storage, these water tanks utilize vast spaces on boats. On the contrary, with water purification systems, you get clean and potable water of high quality.

At Eastern Water And Health, we understand that traditional water purification methods require more power consumption and harm the marine environment. However, the compact design makes the water treatment systems ideal for yachts and boats. Our workers have expertise in working with all types and brands of reverse osmosis systems. Call us by clicking on the button below or schedule an appointment online.

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Reverse Osmosis System For Fresh Drinking Water

As technology moves forwards, it has given a cost-effective and fully automatic solution to boat owners for fresh drinking water – reverse osmosis water treatment systems. The water filtration systems reduce seawater’s high concentration of salt and contaminants. With high pressure and semi-permeable membranes, reverse osmosis systems can convert large quantities of seawater to drinking water.

Plus, the compact design of these water treatments gives the boat’s engine an added advantage by utilizing low power consumption. Yachts are multipurpose – they are used for long sailing trips, parties, races, and other special events. Regardless of their use, yachts need constant fresh water for drinking, food preparation, showers, etc. Therefore, people prefer a reverse osmosis water maker over a water storage system.
We are here to your rescue if you own a yacht and have already purchased a reverse osmosis system. We train our experts professionally to work with every type of system. The experts will efficiently install your water filtration systems and guide you through techniques for smoothly working systems. You can book an appointment with us online or click on the button below to avail of our services.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install a Reverse Osmosis System?

Yachts are expensive and luxurious; not all can own them. On the contrary, the cost of reverse osmosis water treatment systems and installation charges are low. With Eastern Water And Health, PSL WaterGuy, you get effective and quick installation, and our services are also cost-effective.

Though our charges are affordable, they depend on various factors. The design of your yacht and the type of reverse osmosis system affects our pricing the most. Desalination System, Brackish Water System, and Water Treatment Plants – all three have different complexity levels of installation and therefore have different installation charges. Further, the installation cost also depends on the labor utilized for installation.

We are your ideal solution if you want a regular supply of fresh water on your boats or yachts! Get a free estimate – call on 772 301 1767, hit the button below, or book an appointment online. Our experts will come to your location, inspect the yacht and water treatment system and then offer you an estimate. If our prices fit your budget, you can directly avail of our installation service and get one-touch operation systems installed.  

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Eastern Water And Health - Your Expert Water Treatment Partner

Eastern Water and Health is a leading firm that offers water treatment services, for example – water testing, installation, and systems repair and replacement. Nestled in Port St Lucie, we take it as our responsibility to improve the water quality for the local community. Whether you want to install reverse osmosis in small boats, yachts, or your home, our professionals have expertise in all.

Enjoying the open sea on a yacht is indeed a surreal experience, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about the quality of the water. Therefore, we offer cost-effective reverse osmosis system installation. Along with this, we also change water filters and provide water filter installation and repair. Avail of our services immediately to get free water testing and affordable installation services. 

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water For Yachts Is Essential! Get It Installed Now!

Eastern Water And Health provides expert water testing and water treatment system installations. Hire our professionals today for upfront pricing of reverse osmosis system installation for yachts.

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