Residential Water Treatment In Port St Lucie

Whether you live in Port St Lucie, Martin County, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, or any other location in Florida, your tap water supply can cause problems throughout your home. If your water doesn’t taste fresh or the water quality issues take a toll on your plumbing appliances, you must look for a residential water treatment system. At Easter Water And Health, we serve customers across Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, and Port St Lucie, Fl. For years. We have a professional team and specialized tools to offer residential water treatment in Port St Lucie to provide you and your family with safer and healthier drinking water.

We have a water softener, filtration system, and reverse osmosis water treatment system to bring your hard water problems to a halt and improve your water taste and quality. Alongside offering water treatment systems, we install and repair well pumps and deliver salt for filtration systems. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at 772-301-1767 to learn more about water treatment services in Port Saint Lucie Fl.

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Why Do You Need Water Treatment In Port Saint Lucie Fl?

The state of Florida has a sufficient water supply of surface water and groundwater resources. In fact, Florida is among the most plentiful freshwater aquifers in the USA, which supplies water to Fort Pierce, Fort Lauderdale, Port St Lucie and provides the base flow to Florida’s main rivers and streams. 

However, much of the water supplied to your home in Florida is hard. Apparently, it can have a distinct smell and unpleasant taste — and whether you drink, clean with it, or bathe in it, the results of hard water can be severe. 

For this reason, you might look for installation services of water softener or filtration. If you are looking for a whole water treatment system in Port Saint Lucie Fl, you can rely on Eastern Water and Health for the most economical Residential water treatment in Port St Lucie, Fl.

​Different Types Of Water Treatment Systems?

If you are looking for local residential water treatment in Port St Lucie, there are generally three types of water treatment systems to improve your Lucie water quality. 

  • Water Filtration System

A water filtration system can work in either of these two ways — physical filtration and chemical filtration. This water filter device will remove impurities to provide healthier water quickly.

  • Water Softener

Water softeners are often installed to reduce the hardness of the water in your residential or commercial facility. Water softener typically uses sodium or potassium as salt for purification by removing the particles (calcium or magnesium ions) that make your water hard.

  • Reverse Osmosis System

The Reverse Osmosis system enables a purification process that removes dissolved inorganic solids from water by forcing them through the semipermeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a highly effective method of water purification.

Are you not sure whether or not you should install a water treatment system? Call Eastern Water and Health now. Your local Port Saint Lucie Fl water expert will test your water quality to determine any quality issue and provide the best solutions to address the problem.

How Does Water Filtration System Works And Its Benefits

As you know, water is solvent, which means it can dissolve other substances. These strange add-ons to your water might be great in certain conditions, like when you see stains on your sink, have itchy skin, and other issues. Water filtration is required to remove harmful substances and provide you with safer water. There are various water filtration systems in terms of design and technology, but they function similarly.

The water filtration or purification process takes contaminated water and purifies it into clean, odor-free water that tastes great. A water filtration system usually includes a RO system, Prefilters, RO membrane, storage tank, post filters, drain line, and other add ons such as ultraviolet protection.

While your water will vary depending on your location, Eastern Water and Health offer water treatment solutions designed and customized to solve your water quality problems in Port Saint Lucie Fl. Here are the advantages of installing a water filtration system.

  • Filtered water works efficiently in your home — minimizing utility bills and saving costs on your plumbing appliances.
  • Removes chemicals like Chlorine and minerals like iron, calcium to improve the taste and quality.
  • Keep your skin and hair healthier.
  • Reduce overheads on purchasing bottled water.
  • In addition, filtered water consumes less cleaning products.

Do You Really Need A Water Softener?

If you live in Port Saint Lucie or nearby locations in Florida, then yes, you are recommended to install a water softener. However, softening water is a personal choice that can significantly impact your home or business.

If your water hardness is 7 grains per gallon, then you might need a water softener. Are you not sure whether or not your water is hard? Call Eastern Water and Health, and our experts will test your water hardness and provide the best solution to the problem.

​Is the Whole House Water Treatment System Worth It?

Whether it is from private or public wells, the water supply in Florida can be contaminated by either waterborne diseases or hazardous household products and agricultural chemicals. If you rely on the city water supply for drinking and other household chores, you must consider installing a whole house water treatment system. It will provide complete protection from all water sources in your home.
Are you worried about the impurities in your St Lucie water? Call Eastern Water and Health for cost-effective residential water treatment in Port St Lucie.
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