Port St Lucie Water Conditions

Water is a fundamental necessity of life. Port St Lucie Water Conditions – From drinking to washing and cooking, many daily chores require water availability. Port St Lucie well-water residents use water from nearby lakes and rivers and underground water sources. It can be used as-is for daily purposes but must be treated before drinking. City water has been treated, but many opt for water that has been purified to remove chlorine and chemicals remaining after water treatment. #PSLWaterGuy

Getting water that is free from contaminants is essential. Whether natural contaminants or chemical contaminants, humans need fresh, clean water available for drinking. Call the PSL Water Guy to get your water tested. At the PSL Water Guy, we work to treat and purify your St Lucie water more thoroughly!

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How To Reduce Sulfur Odors And Rotten Egg Smell In Well Water

Port St Lucie Water Conditions Overview

The water supply in Port Saint Lucie flows from Florida’s lakes, the Everglades, rivers, and reservoirs. It travels a long way to reach your tap. According to regulations set by the US EPA, the local tap water supply is continuously monitored for impurities and contaminants.

The EPA has strict regulations for allowable contaminant levels in tap water. Although the water supply in Port Saint Lucie satisfies EPA regulations and is fit for drinking and household usage, it might not be completely pure. The water quality report from Port Saint Lucie in 2020 showed that there are indeed some contaminants within the allowable range left in the city drinking water. This means residential tap water might hold a negligible amount of contaminants.

These negligible amounts of pollutants will not make people sick, but why should you drink any contaminants in your water when you don’t have to? The EPA is still revising its regulations for acceptable levels of contaminants such as copper, arsenic, lead, etc. Results of water tests showed that the amount of lead found in Port Saint Lucie water was 0.0019 mg/L. Yet, this amount varies from area to area and even house to house. This might be due to older pipelines with lead accumulation. Even the low lead levels should be avoided if and when possible. 

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Is Additional Water Filtration Necessary?

#PSLWaterGuy – Pollutants exist in water, regardless of where you live. They have been detected in the water supply of Port Saint Lucie as well, and St Lucie does its best to remove whatever is necessary to meet current regulated levels and keep residents safe. All water must undergo a treatment and purification process before reaching you. If you want your water to be free from all remaining pollutants, a reverse osmosis system installed in your home is the best way to go. When you call The PSL Water Guy, also known as Eastern water and Health, we install and service not only reverse osmosis systems for drinking water but can also install whole-home water treatment solutions to soften your water and remove heavy metals and chlorine. If you live in Port Saint Lucie, you can trust us to provide in-home water analysis, filtration, and purification solutions.

The water supply in Port Saint Lucie often contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium, which is called hard water. This type of water is problematic because it builds stains over the sanitation fittings, harms and decreases the lifespan of water-utilizing appliances, and requires more soap and detergent for cleaning as it does not let lather foam properly.

To increase the lifespan of your house’s plumbing and appliances and get a better washing, cleaning, and bathing experience, people in Port Saint Lucie, must acquire whole-house water filtration services. The PSL Water Guy is the top St Lucie based company to provide personalized filtration after proper water quality testing. We create systems that are American-made and specified to St Lucie water Conditions.

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There are various water purification systems used in Port Saint Lucie for commercial and residential purposes. These include:

  • The Whole House water purification system: This filtration device eliminates the smell and taste of chlorine from tap water. It also treats hard water Conditions and removes other contaminants that can ruin your pipes and in-home plumbing. 
  • Drinking water purification system: Reverse Osmosis technology purifies water making it free from contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, etc., making it perfect for drinking. #PSLWaterGuy

At PSL Water Guy, we believe your water should be safe and pollutant-free. Apart from the health perspective of individuals, it also makes the household chores easy and prevents the appliances and plumbing from prematurely wearing out. Post Saint Lucie water quality tests revealed that despite the compliance with EPA standards, there are still some traces of pollutants in the tap water supply.

At PSL Water Guy, we believe all people can benefit from purer, cleaner, healthier water. For you, your family, and your pets, call us today! We install and maintain in-home reverse osmosis systems and whole-house water softening systems.