Remove Chlorine _ Other Chemicals From St Lucie Drinking Water

Are you looking to remove chlorine from drinking water? Chlorine is a chemical commonly found in Port St Lucie’s drinking water. While St Lucie County remains within legal limits for chlorine and chloramine levels remaining in the water after decontamination, some individuals are more sensitive to this chemical than others and feel the renaming number is too high. Side effects for sensitive individuals of chlorine and chloramine water include conditions like irritation in the skin and eyes. In the city’s defense, removing chlorine from drinking tap water is not easy and often requires materials such as activated carbon and catalytic carbon. If you are looking to reduce or eliminate chlorine and other contaminants found within your drinking water, a whole-home water purification system paired with a reserve osmosis water filtration system may be just what the doctor ordered.

It is simply not possible to remove chlorine from drinking water with a standard water purification system. Instead, a more comprehensive method, like a reverse osmosis system with 5 stages of water filters, offered by PSL Water Guy, may be required. Choose the right professionals and ensure customizable service to remove chlorine from drinking water, contact the PSL Water Guy or call us at 772 301 1767.

Why Is Chlorine Used In The Water in Port St Lucie?

The process of mixing chlorine with a water source is called chlorination. Chlorination kills parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., present in the water. In short, chlorine kills microorganisms. Though chlorine is an important chemical used to clean and sanitize water, its taste, odor, and effects can turn many off to wanting it in their drinking and bathing water.  Regular consumption of highly chlorinated water can result in health conditions such as fever, stomach ache, vomiting, and skin rashes. While the levels within the city drinking water are lower than to cause such effects to most individuals, many simply dislike the smell and taste of water containing chlorine, even in small amounts.

We use activated carbon to treat city water for chlorine. Our system produces chlorine-free water and is effectively used to disinfect water from natural sources such as wells. It has remarkably long-lasting decontamination properties. This chemical stays in the water for long hours and keeps bacteria and other infections at bay. Being a stable compound, it retains disinfectant characteristics and ensures the water does not carry any water-borne disease. You can easily remove all the contaminants and chemicals from the water source with professional water filtration services provided by PSL Water Guy.

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Reasons To Remove Chlorine From Drinking Water

Regular chlorine consumption is just not something most individuals would choose to have, given the option. While the city water supply falls within legal limits on using chlorine during water purification, many residents have noticed a distinct taste or smell from the tap or drinking water.  If you are smelling that or tasting that and you already have a system in your home, there is a possibility that your water filtration system needs to get tested to properly manage the amount of chlorine in the water. Does boiling water remove chlorine? No, it does not. Chlorine is a solid and remains in the water, even when boiled. If you are looking for a higher quality of water purification and no longer want chlorinated tap water in your home, a reverse osmosis system can also be installed to remove chlorine from water. It is recommended to always contact a professional water filtration company for professional assistance.

For those who are highly sensitive to chlorine, some side effects may be present such as irritation in the eyes and skin, as free chlorine can dry out the skin and develop skin sensitivity.  Many wish to remove chlorine from drinking water because of the unpleasant aftertaste this chemical has. If you have been drinking chlorinated water, you may have noticed a metallic taste and a slight smell of the water. Using chlorine in water sources ends up corroding the pipelines, increasing the alkalinity or pH level of the water.

Do you have a fish tank? If fishes, plants, or pets come in contact with the chlorinated water continuously, there is a great chance it could result in adverse health effects or even death. While there are chemicals you can purchase to offset the chlorine and chloramine, why should you have to do that? Attack chlorine in water at the source and get a whole home treatment.  The PSL Water Guy can help with the best water filtration and RO systems to ensure proper chlorine levels in your drinking water.

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Water treatment must be prioritized if you are living in St Lucie or areas nearby, especially if  your home is fed water from a well. PSL Water Guy is a local water testing company installing top-quality water purification and filtration systems. Our professional services include different ways to remove contaminants naturally found in local drinking water from well systems, without affecting the quality. Being the best local water treatment company, we offer cost-effective water filtration services. Once seeking help from the experts, it is guaranteed that you will get a safe tap and drinking water. Our premium water filtration systems can be installed at your home or business to neutralize contaminants found in water.

You can meet our professional experts at the PSL Water Guy and get water testing in your home. We aim to offer quality services to our clients and get 100% customer satisfaction in return. Additionally, we’re a verified and certified company, so you do not need to worry about services as we have a team of trained and knowledgeable professionals. At PSL Water Guy, you get the highest quality services at reasonable prices. So, why not take care of your water quality and experience the peace of mind that comes with clean water? You can reach us at 772 301 1767 for consultation on water filtration system installation, repair, and much more, so contact us now. 

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Being a local company in St Lucie, Florida, our services cater to all water purification needs. We understand the quality of water and maintain the water filtration system at a reasonable price. Call our premium services at 772 301 1767.

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