How To Reduce Sulfur Odors And Rotten Egg Smell In Well Water?

Are you tired of sulfur odors and rotten egg smell in well water? Connect with Eastern Water and Health at 772-301-1767 for free water testing. Most people know there is a link between sulfur and well water. If you have never heard of this, perhaps you have wondered why you smell a rotten egg odor when you run your sprinklers or turn on your faucet. If you live in Port St Lucie or elsewhere in South Florida, you have undoubtedly smelled such an odor when driving past someone using well water to water their grass. There are numerous reasons untreated Florida water has a rotten egg smell, but the primary culprit is sulfur. Decaying organic materials such as tree leaves are the primary source of sulfur dissolved in well water. As rainwater and groundwater seep through aquifers, all the organic compounds convert to sulfur. This sulfur gives off the smell we all recognize.

Across the Treasure Coast, the sulfate concentration generally exceeds 100 parts per million. This concentration is likely to be high in the deeper part of aquifers. Hydrogen sulfide does not pose any serious health risk when it is found in state water supplies. Still, it is certainly not good, especially for one’s nose, as it releases a malodorous smell. Are you worried about the water odor in your home or business? Schedule a free on-site water testing with an Eastern Water and Health water treatment expert.

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What Are Sulfates and Hydrogen Sulfide?

It is understandable if you are not ready to drink or bathe in foul-smelling sulfur-rich water, nor should you because it might have lasting effects on skin and hair. Good, clean quality water is everyone’s right, and we aspire to achieve that goal at Eastern Water and Health. If you are struggling to eliminate sulfur odors and rotten egg smell in well water, let’s first understand what sulfates and hydrogen sulfide are.

Sulfates are naturally found in rock and soil. Over time, usually after rain, sulfates dissolve into groundwater, the primary source of well water across Florida. Hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally but may come from various sources, such as plantations, rotting trees, leaves, or bacteria. Tiny bacteria feed on this material and produce sulfur, and this gas is the actual reason behind the sulfur odor of water in your home.

Sulfur in well water may also result from wells drilled in shale or using a water heater that contains a magnesium rod. Regardless of the reason, you can connect with Eastern Water and Health to schedule your free water test, and our experts will suggest the best course of action to reduce the sulfur odor and rotten egg smell.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Presence and Impact on Well Water

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in private wells might vary depending on the geology and environmental conditions. However, it is pretty standard in wells around shale and sandstone. While hydrogen sulfide is intensely corrosive to iron and steel, it might reduce the lifespan of well casings, pipes, and pumps. Hydrogen sulfide depletes oxygen and can therefore produce a gas that surprisingly can be lethal if in a closed environment. Wondering how sulfur actually reaches your well water? We have a quick explanation for this.

How does sulfur enter private water wells?

We have been testing water in Florida for a long time, and bacteria in groundwater are primarily responsible for sulfide in the well water and produce hydrogen sulfide gas. The bacteria is beneficial to the land and is needed to help break down organic matter. It may be in the aquifer or living in the well or casing or pipe deposits. This is good for Earth but bad for you and your nose. In rare cases, the sulfur odor may be caused due to sewage pollution. City water is treated for this, but well water has not been treated by the city and is therefore at risk. No one should ever drink well water without initial testing and filters such as activated carbon filters. Drinking untreated water is a serious health concern and might have a negative effect on your health.


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How Does Sulfur Water Affect Your Health?

While sulfur bacterias are not harmful, hydrogen sulfide gas may be harmful at high levels. If the gas is at a level of 100 PPM or above, it can cause sickness or death. Luckily, the level found in homes is usually between 1-5 PPM, but gradually it might develop health risks as follows.

Low concentration

  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Cough, breathing difficulties, especially if you’ve asthma
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss with digestive issues

Moderate health issues

  • Severe eye irritation or infection
  • Heavy cough and fluid in lungs
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excitability

High-level concentration

  • Shock
  • Extremely repeated unconsciousness
  • Coma
  • Death in some cases

Sulfate has no odors, but high sulfate levels in water might have serious health risks; therefore, the well water must be tested timely. Schedule a free on-site water test to learn whether or not your well water has sulfur.

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How To Get Rid Of Sulfur and Well Water Issues

The first step to removing sulfur or rotten-egg smell is to get your well water tested by water testing professionals. Doing so will determine the exact cause of poor water and help address the sulfur smell. Hiring professionals to help you test and reduce sulfur from your water is always advised. Listed here are the popular ways water treatment facilities use to get rid of water that smells like rotten eggs.

  • Disinfect with chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide to temporarily reduce sulfur levels. It keeps the sulfur odor and eggy smell away for 1-2 months.
  • Install a chlorine injector on your wall head to inject chlorine when water reaches your tap. Chlorine eliminates sulfur bacteria and causes odors and unpleasant taste.
  • A system similar to Chlorinator is installed, but it uses hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach, followed by a carbon filter.
  • Install an air charger that requires no chemicals. However, the charger may inject peroxide to extend the life of the catalytic carbon filter.
  • Ozone gas can be expensive, but it is perhaps the most effective option to eliminate the water’s sulfur odor and rotten egg smell. This technique injects ozone gas into the water and eliminates the odors in just minutes.

Do you have a sulfur odor or rotten smell in your well water? Contact Eastern Water and Health today if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach. We provide expert assistance in getting cleaner and safer drinking water. Schedule a free water test with Eastern Water and Health.

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