How to Purify Water in Port St Lucie?

Curious about how to purify water in Port St Lucie? Call Eastern Water & Health at 772-301-1767 for the best-installed water purification systems. Are you tired of the smell of chlorine and the unpleasant taste of water? You may ignore it, but prolonged consumption of water containing excess chemicals may create many health issues. Not only that, but hard water also can wear down and clog pipes and make new clothes look dull. You must find an effective solution to get rid of impure water.

For bacteria, you may try boiling; however, this is not a concern in St. Lucie County. Boiling will not remove chemicals found in our water supply, such as arsenic, lead, nitrates, sulfates, etc. These chemicals are allowed in St. Lucie water in small amounts and are monitored frequently. Wouldn’t you rather have pure drinking water without all of the added chemicals?
If you are looking for how to purify water in Port St Lucie, look no further. For many years, Eastern Water and Health has been providing the most effective water treatment in Port Saint Lucie. We make sure you get the purest drinking water straight from your tap.

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Contaminants in Water in Port Saint Lucie

Port St Lucie is a rapidly growing area of South Florida. As such, excess strain is put on all resources, including water. Water maintaining its cleanliness is a cause of concern. Although your tap water in Port St Lucie Fl may not be safe for drinking, is it the best water you can have for you and your family? Let’s look at the significant contaminants present in water in the city.

Bacteria are a major contaminant in untreated water in Port St Lucie Fl, and across Florida. If left untreated, bacteria can cause several diseases. Cholera, Typhoid, and Diarrhoea are some of the diseases caused by untreated Bacteria.
Harmful Chemicals ContaminantsChemical Contaminants are a major cause of concern. Environmental Working Group (EWG) has detected 12 chemical contaminants in Port St Lucie, and five of them have exceeded the allowable limit in the past. Your city water contains Fluoride, Sodium, Cyanide, Beryllium, Chlorine, Haloacetic acids, Total trihalomethanes, copper, and lead as per the St Lucie Water quality report. Although monitored, it is the opinion of Eastern Water and Health that drinking water should be pure.

A water-borne virus is another major cause of concern. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, and Norovirus are the most common viruses found in water. They cause several gastrointestinal problems. These problems can prove to be fatal sometimes. If you are drinking unfiltered St. Lucie well water, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. 
MetalsWater in Port St Lucie Fl contains different metals. Though these metals do not cause significant health hazards, they make the water heavy and unpleasant to drink. Water containing these metals can also have a metallic taste or smell. If high in concentration, you can get light rust stains on your bathtub and sink.

Is Well Water in Port Saint Lucie Safe for Drinking?

Well is a privately-owned, unregulated source of water. They may contain clay, dirt, harmful chemicals, pathogens, and total suspended solids. The quality of the contaminants may vary from well to well. It is essential to test the well water before consumption and use for other purposes. 
Moreover, well water must always be covered as dry leaves, flies, droplets by birds may mix with water and contaminate it. The groundwater in Port St Lucie Fl contains hazardous chemicals like chromium, arsenic, lead, mercury, etc., that can cause cancer and other diseases. Regular testing of well water is crucial to determine the quality.

Water Treatment Methods You Should Use in Port Saint Lucie?

It is crucial to confirm the purity of water before drinking. Both tap and well water in Port Saint Lucie can be suitable for drinking, but installing a purification method into your home ensures the safety and quality of your drinking water. 
Looking for how to Purify Water in Port St Lucie? It depends on the amount and type of contaminants present in water. You can use Sedimentation, filtration, boiling, Chlorination and reverse osmosis system (RO) for water purification. However, it’s better to consult a water purification company such as Eastern water and Health before adopting a method. They can suggest which water treatment method will be suitable for you.

Is Reverse Osmosis the Best Water Filtration System?

There are multiple water treatment methods available; however, most methods don’t remove all types of contaminants. While sedimentation and filtration remove suspended impurities, boiling and chlorination is good for killing bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms, but these methods don’t remove harmful chemicals like chromium, arsenic, and lead.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) removal is the most effective way to remove every type of contaminant. Eastern Water and Health provides the most reliable RO installation in Port Saint Lucie and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more.

How Much Does Water Treatment Cost in Port St Lucie Fl?

Adopting a water purification method is a great idea if you are living in Port Saint Lucie. You can find multiple companies providing water filtration services; However, most companies charge a hefty amount for this. Charges vary to a large extent, so you must find an affordable and reliable company for water filtration. You are of course free to get quotes from multiple companies, but be sure you get a quote from Eastern Water and Health for the best price and quality.

Why Choose Eastern Water and Health?

At Eastern Water and Health, we believe in providing the best water purification system according to your needs. We are a veteran-owned company that provides domestic and commercial water purification for tap, well, and other water sources. Our technicians are well-trained and have the proper knowledge of water treatment. They diagnose the problem and provide the right solution. Check our customer feedback and see what our previous clients say about our services.

Do you live in Port St. Lucie? Are you looking to get the best water purification service at an affordable price? Get a quote from Eastern Water and Health. You will not be disappointed!