Harmful Effects Of Regular Chlorine Consumption On The Human Body

Worried about the harmful effects of regular chlorine consumption? Call 772 301 1767 to book a PSL Water Guy free water testing service. Chlorine is a chemical known to inhibit bacteria growth in water. It is commonly used for disinfecting and sanitizing swimming pools, industrial waste, drinking water, sewage, etc. In recent years, residents in Port St. Lucie, Florida, have questioned the quality of drinking water and tap water simply due to the seemingly large amounts of chlorine present in the water. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that increased chlorine level remaining from the water treatment process could be unhealthy for individuals struggling with medical issues such as those undergoing dialysis treatments. Chlorine gas and chlorine liquid can naturally be released due to geographical conditions and can also impact the water quality even in well water, increasing chlorine consumption.

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Why Is Chlorine Used In Tap Or Drinking Water?

Port St Lucie, Florida, has different areas where well water systems vs city water may be used by residents. It is surprising to see how a higher level of chlorine is used in tap waters and public water sources, with much of it being allowed to remain in the water. While Port St Lucie does its best to remove the chlorine and they are within legal limits, the amount of chlorine left in the city water is higher than many like. While some people believe that chlorine consumption is not harmful to humans and pets, others would like to not take any chances and choose to install systems to further remove this chemical.

Water treatment authorities primarily depend on chlorinated water as it caters to eliminating a wide range of harmful bacteria. The EPA has enforced different regulations on the purification of public water – measuring up to 0.2 mg per liter of water. Safe scale use of chlorine in tap water kills harmful microbes and waterborne diseases. To avoid the detrimental effects of regular chlorine consumption, many residents rely on reverse osmosis and book a professional water testing service by PSL Water Guy.

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What Are The Effects Of Chlorine Consumption On The Human Body?

As mentioned above, an elevated amount of chlorine consumption can be harmful. However, due to the dependence of different water treatment plants on chlorination, it is impossible to avoid chlorine intake in some way or another. Though understandably, diseases like typhoid and many bacterial infections can be eradicated if the water is chlorinated in the right amounts and the city of St Lucie works to remove as much chlorine as they can, but, for many, any chlorine remaining in the water is too much chlorine. These individuals understand that chemicals do not have to be in drinking water at all when they have a reverse osmosis system installed in their homes.

If you have ever been to a swimming pool, it is easy to identify the effects of high levels of choline on the body. Public swimming pools use chlorine to disinfect any contaminants present in the water. If an individual accidentally gulps a small amount of water while swimming, there is an increased chance of feeling sick or nauseous after the incident. While St Lucie residents are not drinking pool water from their tap, the increased amounts of chlorine can be tasted in the water. For those struggling with medical issues, any chlorine may cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, mild fever, loss of appetite, stomach ache, food poisoning, and indigestion. You don’t have to drink chlorine in any amount in your water! By seeking help from the  PSL Water Guy we provide a water filtration system that supports good health by removing all remaining chemicals.

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How To Ensure A Safe Level Of Chlorine Consumption In Water?

Simply put, decontaminated water can not only be harmful to the human body but can potentially induce toxic effects on the environment. This is why relying on methods like water filtration, water purification, and deionization can ensure disinfected water for yourself and your family. Based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation, there must be less than four parts of chlorine per million (ppm). You must recognize the water quality in your area and ensure it does not exceed the standard limit of chlorine and other purifying chemicals. To date, St Lucie County has always remained within legal limits, but it is most definitely present in all city water.

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to acquire safe drinking water at your residence. All you need is a reverse osmosis water filtration system so you can drink purified water without worrying about the after-effects of decontaminating chemicals. Having old rusty pipes or lead-based pipelines changes the water’s pH level, and alkalinity, and can add contaminants. To ensure your water pipes are safe and secure, getting a regular water quality check would protect your family’s health.

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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Harmful Chlorine Consumption

When living in Florida, it is necessary to have a safe drinking water supply at home! Chlorine found in South Florida water imposes unfortunate effects on the human body; thus, health professionals suggest water filtration systems and regular cleaning of pipes. Skip the no-name companies and go with the best in the market, the PSL water guy. We have the best options to avoid chlorine consumption and use healthier and infection-free water.

The team of experts at PSL Water Guy is well-trained and equipped to provide a free consultation service and in-home water testing to check the chlorine levels. Call the best professional in the town if your tap or drinking water has an unusual taste or smell. PSL Water Guy is a locally owned water filtration company in Port St Lucie, Florida. Call us today to acquire the best services to eliminate any chemicals and contaminants from drinking water.

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