Eastern Water and Health provides a full range of residential and commercial water treatment services in Fort Pierce, Florida, to improve water quality, protect the environment, and promote sustainability. Our water filtration systems including water softeners, reverse osmosis, and filters effectively remove contaminants. The team at Eastern Water and Health has the knowledge and experience to test your water, diagnose issues, and recommend the ideal solutions for your home or business’s water needs.

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Fort Pierce Well Water Treatment

If you rely on a private well for water in the Fort Pierce area, proper maintenance, and treatment are essential to protect you and your family’s health, improve water quality, and extend the life of your well system. At Eastern Water and Health, we are the leading experts in Fort Pierce well water testing, filtration, disinfection, and all water treatment services needed to enjoy clean, safe water from your well. 

Proper Well Maintenance Protects Your Health in Fort Pierce

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your Fort Pierce well continues functioning properly and providing a safe water supply. We recommend annual testing for bacteria and contaminants to identify any emerging water quality issues. This allows treatment to be added before problems worsen. Annual visual inspections check for cracks or damage. Pumping to remove sediment buildup inside the well improves water flow and quality. We provide all well maintenance services to maximize performance and water quality.

Water Testing Reveals Your Fort Pierce Well Water Quality  

The first step in well water treatment is testing your Fort Pierce water to determine which contaminants are present. A basic annual test checks for bacteria, nitrates, hardness, iron, manganese, pH, and other parameters. More extensive testing can check for heavy metals, pesticides, VOCs, and other pollutants. We thoroughly analyze your Fort Pierce results and clearly explain water quality issues and how to resolve them. You’ll know exactly what’s in your well water.

Resolve Common Fort Pierce Well Water Problems with Filtration

Based on your Fort Pierce well water test results, we recommend the appropriate treatment solutions tailored to your needs. Iron filters remove rusty-colored iron. Water softeners eliminate hardness that causes scale buildup. Neutralizers adjust pH balance. Chlorination systems kill harmful bacteria. Activated carbon filters remove odors, chlorine taste, and chemicals like pesticides. Reverse osmosis purifies overall water quality. We offer all types of filtration to address any Fort Pierce well water issues.  

Disinfecting Your Well Ensures Bacteria-Free Fort Pierce Water

Bacteria like E. coli in well water can cause severe illness. Annual testing determines if your Fort Pierce well water contains bacteria. Shock chlorination is the recommended treatment to kill bacteria by injecting chlorine directly into the well and plumbing system. We use advanced chlorine tablets designed for wells to provide long-lasting disinfection. This keeps your family safe by preventing bacterial growth in your Fort Pierce well system.

Call Eastern Water Today for Fort Pierce Well Experts 

For years, Eastern Water and Health has provided specialized well testing, maintenance, filtration, and disinfection to Fort Pierce area homes, farms, and businesses. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose any issues with your well water and recommend effective solutions. We offer affordable maintenance agreements and financing plans to fit any budget. Contact us today to discuss your Fort Pierce well water needs: we are the experts!

Fort Pierce Water Treatment

Reliable water treatment is critical for Fort Pierce area homes and businesses dependent on municipal water. At Eastern Water and Health, we provide a complete range of water testing, filtration systems, to improve water quality, prevent damage, and promote sustainability.

Water Testing – Understand Your Fort Pierce Water Quality

The starting point for any water treatment plan is testing your Fort Pierce water supply to identify potential issues. We test for hardness, iron, chlorine, bacteria, nitrates, sulfates and other contaminants. Testing reveals if water treatment is needed, and we clearly explain results and which solutions will improve your water quality. This allows customizing the ideal system for your home.

If tests show hardness is an issue, a water softener is the solution. Hard water causes scale accumulation in pipes and fixtures, dry skin and hair, spotting on dishes and more. Water softeners use a salt regeneration process to remove calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness. This provides softened water throughout your Fort Pierce home. We install quality water softeners sized appropriately for each household’s needs.

Reverse Osmosis Filters – Purify Fort Pierce Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove up to 99% of contaminants, providing purified drinking and cooking water. This removes lead, chlorine, nitrates, sodium, bacteria and other impurities. We recommend reverse osmosis filters for Fort Pierce homes with wells or significant water quality issues. Units can be installed under your sink or as whole house systems.

Save Water in Fort Pierce Through Conservation

Along with water treatment, conserving water is crucial for sustainability. Low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, rain barrels, and irrigation sensors reduce usage. We assess your water footprint and recommend updates yielding the biggest savings. Water reuse systems capture gray water from sinks, showers, and tubs for irrigation reuse. Let us help maximize your water efficiency.

Partner with Eastern Water for Fort Pierce Water Solutions

For years, Eastern Water and Health has provided Fort Pierce homeowners and businesses with expert water testing, top-quality filtration systems, and conservation solutions tailored to your needs. Our water treatment plans improve your quality of life while protecting the environment. Contact us today to learn more about effectively managing your Fort Pierce water.

Fort Pierce Water Treatment

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Fort Pierce Water Softener

Hard water causes a variety of nuisance issues in Fort Pierce homes. A properly sized water softener from Eastern Water and Health is the solution, removing minerals that cause hardness to provide household water that feels silky and lathers easily. Read below to learn more about benefits of water softening, how the systems work, and why we are the top choice for Fort Pierce water softener installation and service.

Water Softener Benefits – What a Unit Can Do for Your Fort Pierce Home

Water softeners offer numerous benefits by eliminating hardness minerals from your water supply:

  • Prevent scale buildup on fixtures and pipes that causes clogs
  • Dishes and silverware rinse cleaner with no spots  
  • Eliminate bathtub ring and soap scum buildup 
  • Skin and hair feel noticeably smoother after bathing
  • Reduce need for soap and detergent by up to 75%
  • Prolong life of water-using appliances like dishwashers  
  • Improve taste of water for drinking and cooking

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners use a process called ion exchange to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness. Untreated water passes through a resin bed which exchanges soft ions for the hardness ions, transforming your Fort Pierce water into softened water. The resin bed periodically recharges by flushing with a salt brine solution which reactivates the exchange sites. This automatic process provides continuous soft water on demand.

Choosing the Right Fort Pierce Water Softener  

With so many types of water softeners on the market, how do you choose? We take out the guesswork by:

  • Testing your water to determine the hardness level
  • Calculating household water usage and softener capacity needed 
  • Selecting a quality unit from leading brands that meets your needs
  • Handling professional installation and service

This ensures your Fort Pierce system will reliably deliver soft water for years to come.

Specialized Fort Pierce Water Softener Services

Along with water testing and top-brand softener sales, we offer:

  • Removal of old units and salt tanks
  • Modifications for problem water supplies 
  • Maintenance to keep your softener working efficiently
  • Salt delivery on a regular schedule
  • Financing options for new softener purchases
  • Warranty repairs by experienced technicians

Water Softener Rental – An Alternative Option in Fort Pierce

For a low monthly fee, our softener rental program provides a worry-free alternative with these advantages:

  • No large upfront investment to purchase a softener
  • We own and maintain the equipment 
  • Regular service and salt refills included
  • Easy upgrades to newer models  
  • Rent-to-own financing available

Trust Eastern Water for Fort Pierce Softening Solutions

For years, Eastern Water and Health has been the trusted source for quality water softeners and comprehensive softening solutions in the Fort Pierce area. Our certified technicians take a consultative approach to ensure you get the right system for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started on enjoying softened water throughout your home!

Fort Pierce Water Purification

Purifying your Fort Pierce home’s water with top-quality filtration from Eastern Water and Health removes a wide range of contaminants to provide cleaner, safer, healthier water for drinking and cooking. Continue reading to learn about water purification methods, types of systems we recommend based on your needs, and why our customized approach ensures the best solutions for your water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems for Fort Pierce Water Purification

Reverse osmosis is the most thorough method of water purification, removing up to 99% of impurities. Water passes through a membrane with microscopic pores to filter out lead, chlorine, nitrates, sodium, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants. This leaves pure water while flushing impurities down the drain. We provide under-sink and whole house reverse osmosis systems expertly designed for your Fort Pierce home’s needs.

Multi-Stage Filtration Purifies Without Waste

Multi-stage filtration systems use a series of filters to trap particles and absorb contaminants without the water waste of reverse osmosis. Carbon blocks, sediment filters, and other media remove chlorine, chemicals, particulates, and more. These are an effective option for Fort Pierce homes with relatively good water just needing polishing. We customize multi-stage systems based on your water quality.

Specialized Fort Pierce Water Purification

Along with reverse osmosis and multi-stage filtration, we offer systems targeted to your specific water purification needs:

  • Ultraviolet purification kills viruses and bacteria without chemicals.
  • Iron filters remove rusty well water. 
  • Neutralizers balance acidic water’s pH levels.
  • Carbon tanks eliminate chlorine and organic contaminants.

The Right Solution for Your Fort Pierce Water

With so many types of water purification available, how do you choose what’s best for your home? We make it easy by:

  • Testing your water so you know what needs removing
  • Recommending the right type and size of system based on your water quality and household needs
  • Providing professional installation, maintenance, repairs and support
  • Offering affordable financing plans

Better Water Enhances Your Fort Pierce Lifestyle

Pure water improves the way you live. Clear ice cubes with no odor or taste. Pristine drinking water. Healthier cooking. Spotless dishes and glassware. Shinier hair and smoother skin after showering. We create these benefits for Fort Pierce homeowners every day through customized purification systems.

Trust Eastern Water for All Your Fort Pierce Water Needs

For years, Eastern Water and Health has served the Fort Pierce area with water testing, treatment, conservation, and comfort solutions. Our purification systems and water softening systems give you complete water peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about enjoying the benefits of purified water in your Fort Pierce home or business.

Fort Pierce Water Filter Changes

To keep your Fort Pierce water treatment systems performing at peak efficiency, periodic filter changes are essential. Eastern Water and Health makes this quick and easy through our specialized filter replacement services. Continue reading to learn about common filters needing replacement, how often changes should occur, additional maintenance tips and why we are the top choice for Fort Pierce filter service.

Sediment Filter Changes Protect Your System

Sediment filters trap particulate matter from Fort Pierce water to prevent clogs and wear in more delicate system components like RO membranes. Over time, the filter material gets saturated with particles causing reduced flow and water pressure. We recommend replacing sediment filters every 6-12 months to maintain optimal performance.

Replacing Carbon Block Filters Restores Pure Taste  

Carbon block filters use activated carbon to absorb chlorine and chemicals that cause unpleasant tastes and odors from your Fort Pierce water. As the carbon binding sites fill, filtration effectiveness declines. Changing carbon filters approximately every 6-12 months restores fresh, pure tasting water.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement 

At the heart of an RO system is the semi-permeable membrane that filters water molecule by molecule. These membranes can last 2-5 years, but at some point require replacement as contaminants accumulate causing reduced flow. We determine when your Fort Pierce RO membrane needs changing based on age and performance tests.

Routine Maintenance Along with Filter Changes

Proper maintenance is key to maximize performance between Fort Pierce filter changes. We recommend:

  • Annual sanitization to kill bacteria from filters and storage tanks
  • Checking pre-filter and post-filter water quality annually  
  • Monitoring any drop in water production rate indicating a filter change is due
  • Testing TDS levels annually to verify the membrane is functioning   

Advantages of Our Fort Pierce Filter Change Service

Along with supplying replacement drinking water filters for all brands, our service offers: 

  • Testing your water first to determine if a filter change is truly required
  • Providing OEM factory filters for your specific systems
  • Professional installation and testing by certified technicians 
  • Adjusting any valves or settings to optimize water flow and purity
  • Draining storage tanks and performing a full sanitization with replacements
  • Setting a reminder for your next scheduled filter change 

Better Water Starts with Clean Filters  

Just like changing the oil in your car, filter replacement is essential preventative maintenance. Our Fort Pierce water experts help ensure you always have clean, pure water by changing your filters according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. For all your water filtration needs, trust the knowledgeable team at Eastern Water and Health. Reach out today to learn more and schedule your filter change.

Fort Pierce Water Conditioner

Hard water, iron, sulfur, and other issues can affect your Fort Pierce home’s water quality and plumbing systems. The solution is professional water conditioning from Eastern Water and Health. Our water experts test your water, then design the optimal treatment plan to transform your water for the better.

Water Softening Eliminates Hard Water in Fort Pierce

Hard water containing excess minerals leaves scale on fixtures and pipes, restricts water flow, and prevents soap from lathering. Our water softeners use a salt regeneration process to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness. This provides water throughout your home that feels smooth, cleans better and prevents scale buildup.

Iron Removal for Rusty Fort Pierce Water

Water with high iron content has a rusty color and metallic taste. It also leaves orange-brown stains on sinks, tubs and laundry. Our iron removal systems use filtration media that attracts and captures iron particles as water flows through. This leaves clean, clear water without iron issues.

Sulfur Filtration for Smelly Fort Pierce Water

Sulfur in water produces rotten egg odors, blackening of fixtures and taste/odor issues. Backed by years of experience, we provide sulfur filtration using high-capacity media that absorbs sulfur compounds. This removes the unpleasant smell and discoloration effects of sulfur.

Specialized Fort Pierce Water Conditioning

Beyond softening, iron removal and sulfur filtration, we also offer:

  • Acid neutralization to raise low pH levels
  • Tannin filtration for yellow tinted water
  • Removal of manganese, nitrates, arsenic and other contaminants
  • Chlorine injection systems to disinfect well water

Complete Water Testing and Analysis  

We start by collecting samples to test your Fort Pierce water quality. Our state-certified lab provides comprehensive analysis detailing any issues present. We clearly explain your results and how the recommended conditioning solutions will transform your water.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Water Conditioning Systems

Using your test results, we engineer systems using top equipment like Fleck, Clack and Autotrol control valves paired with the ideal media for treating your specific issues. Proper sizing and installation ensures systems provide conditioned water for your Fort Pierce home for years of dependable service.

Contact Eastern Water for All Fort Pierce Water Needs

For over a quarter century, Eastern Water and Health has provided customers across the Fort Pierce area with water testing, treatment, conservation and comfort solutions custom-fit for their needs. Contact us to learn how we can improve your home’s water from top to bottom.

Fort Pierce Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filtration is the best way to purify drinking water for Fort Pierce homes with contaminant issues. At Eastern Water and Health, we provide expertly engineered and installed reverse osmosis systems that remove up to 99% of impurities for healthier water.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane with microscopic pores that block contaminants. Purified water passes through while impurities are flushed away as waste water. This removes lead, chlorine, nitrates, sodium, bacteria, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and many other contaminants that standard filters cannot.

Under Sink vs Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Under sink reverse osmosis systems are installed below your kitchen sink to provide purified water at a single faucet. We recommend these for tenants or homeowners wanting filtered water for drinking and cooking. Whole house units treat all water entering your residence. This provides pure water for bathing, cleaning, laundry and all uses throughout your Fort Pierce home.

What Reverse Osmosis Removes from Fort Pierce Water

Along with general water purification, reverse osmosis effectively targets:

  • Lead: Reverse osmosis removes up to 99% of lead from your water for safety.
  • Nitrates: RO filtration eliminates high nitrate levels from fertilizers and waste. 
  • Sodium: People on low-sodium diets benefit from RO greatly reducing sodium.
  • Bacteria and Viruses: RO removes dangerous pathogens like E. coli. 
  • Chlorine Taste and Odor: RO water tastes fresh with no chemical smell or taste.
  • Cloudiness and Discoloration: RO leaves crystal clear water by filtering particles.

We Handle the Entire Fort Pierce RO Process

With Eastern Water and Health, installation is quick, easy and worry-free. We:

  • Test your water quality to determine the right RO system and membrane.
  • Educate you on how reverse osmosis works and benefits your household.  
  • Perform professional installation without disrupting your home.
  • Explain ongoing filter changes and maintenance.
  • Provide lifetime support to maximize performance and value.

Better Water Awaits with Reverse Osmosis

Pure, flavorful water is one of life’s great pleasures and makes everyday activities like cooking and drinking water healthier. Reverse osmosis filtration delivers this by removing a vast array of contaminants conventional filters leave behind. Contact Eastern Water and Health to install advanced RO systems for your Fort Pierce home or business.

Fort Pierce Emergency Well Water Service

When you experience a sudden issue with your Fort Pierce well system, you need immediate response to restore your water supply. At Eastern Water and Health, we provide 24/7 emergency well repair and replacement services to quickly get your water flowing again.

Emergency Well Pump Repair and Replacement

If your well pump stops working, call us right away. We have technicians on standby who can be at your Fort Pierce home within hours. After diagnosing the issue, we’ll make the necessary repairs or install a replacement pump so you regain water access with minimum interruption. Having a trusted partner for emergency well pump service provides peace of mind.

Emergency Disinfection for Bacteria Contamination  

If testing shows bacteria like E. coli are contaminating your Fort Pierce well water, urgent disinfection is required to protect your household. We use powerful chlorine tablets registered by the EPA for emergency well shocking. These quickly kill bacteria and other biological contaminants throughout your well and plumbing system to make the water safe again.

Common Causes of Fort Pierce Well Emergencies

  • Pump Failure: Age, debris or power surges can cause pumps to malfunction.
  • Drop in Well Level: Extended droughts or overuse may lower water levels.  
  • Lightning Strike: Power surges from lightning can short out well components.
  • Contamination: Bacteria, chemicals or metals can infiltrate groundwater.   
  • Power Loss: Lack of power shuts off the pump and water flow.
  • Line Breaks: Freezing weather or soil shifts can rupture pipes.

24/7 Live Support for Emergencies

When your Fort Pierce well has issues, speed matters. Our technicians are standing by nights, weekends and holidays to respond immediately to loss of water or contamination. Fast repairs minimize disruption at your home or business. Trust Eastern Water and Health when you need emergency well service.

Plan Ahead to Prevent Emergency Situations

While we excel at urgent well repairs, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Proper well maintenance services can catch problems before they cause emergencies:

  • Annual water testing to check for contamination 
  • Regular system inspections to identify well/pump issues
  • Routine shock chlorination to prevent bacterial growth
  • Checking well output and pump efficiency annually

Contact us today about preventative maintenance services. Staying ahead of problems avoids emergencies and the headaches that come with them.

For years, Eastern Water and Health has been the premier provider of water treatment solutions in the Fort Pierce area. We offer a full range of services to test your water, install customized filtration and conditioning systems, maintain and repair well equipment and more. Our team of certified technicians has the experience and expertise to address any water quality or supply issues your Fort Pierce home or business faces. We take a consultative approach focused on understanding your needs, then engineering the right solutions whether you want simple whole house filtration, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, or comprehensive water management services. If you want better water and world-class service, contact Eastern Water and Health today. Our Fort Pierce water experts will evaluate your situation and recommend the ideal solutions to benefit your home and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of water filtration systems do you offer in Fort Pierce?

We offer a full range including water softeners to reduce hardness, reverse osmosis to purify drinking water, iron filters to remove rust, and carbon filters to reduce odors, chlorine taste, and other contaminants.

installation, and other drainage solutions. This prevents flooding and water damage.  

Do you service well water systems in the Fort Pierce area?

Absolutely. We can test the quality of your Fort Pierce well water, install disinfection systems to kill bacteria, and filter like iron removal to improve taste and odor issues. This makes well water safer.

How can you help Fort Pierce businesses with their water needs?

We work with all types of Fort Pierce businesses to install water filtration like reverse osmosis drinking water systems, test water quality, provide backflow testing and prevention, and design custom commercial water treatment solutions to meet their specific needs.

Eastern Water and Health is dedicated to improving water quality for both residential and commercial properties in Fort Pierce. Our range of water filtration systems, including water softeners, reverse osmosis, and filters, are designed to effectively remove contaminants, ensuring clean and healthy water for you and your family. By investing in our water treatment solutions, you not only protect your health but also contribute to the preservation of the environment and promote sustainability. Contact Eastern Water and Health today to learn more about our services and take the first step towards better water quality.

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