Expert Water Testing in Port St Lucie

Safe and clean drinking water is essential for a healthy life. In Florida, nearly 80% of the population is provided with drinking water from public water systems. These public water wells are regulated and maintained by the Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Act and continuously monitored for pollutants. However, 20% of people across Florida, mainly in Port Saint Lucie Fl, get water from public wells. Over the last few years, the Florida Department Of Environmental Protection has mandated water testing in Port St Lucie, especially for public wells.

#PSLWaterGuy – Whether you are a business owner or simply a homeowner looking for water testing services for your home, Eastern Water And Health, the PSL Water Guy provides comprehensive water quality testing and treatment in the city. We have been serving the Port St Lucie community for years and are best recognized for our dedicated team. If you need instant water testing, treatments, and other related services, you can call us at 772-301-1767. Are you stressed about the cost? Request a free estimate online.

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Is Your Water Safe And Healthy?

Florida’s drinking water typically comes from public water well systems, the Everglades, or private wells. Most people think it originates from rivers and reservoirs across the state, but is your water safe and healthy.
Regardless of whether the drinking water comes from a public well or private water system, it contains several contaminants that might pose a big threat to your health. Some of the common water contaminants in Port Saint Lucie Fl include;
  • Natural chemicals
  • Fertilizers and pesticides mixed from local agricultural operations
  • Overflow from sewers and wastewater facilities
  • Septic system contaminations
  • Dumping from construction sites and manufacturing units

Be it commercial or residential, all water well owners are responsible for quality water testing by a certified lab to meet federal standards. 
Additionally, the water sent to homes via St Lucie County Utilities contains chemicals such as chlorine, TTHMs (Total trihalomethanes), and HAA5s (Haloacetic acids) (five). These are byproducts of the water disinfection process. For now, we believe these chemicals are technically safe in small amounts but do you want to be drinking them?
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​Why Is Water Quality Testing Important In Port Saint Lucie Fl?

At Eastern Water And Health  LCC, we have been serving Port St Lucie city with the best water quality testing and treatments. We know that well water quality are not up to homeowners’  standards in Port Saint Lucie.

Even though water may look clear, it does not necessarily mean that it is healthy to drink. There are many invisible Total Dissolved Solids that must be tested to identify the contaminants and figure out the best water treatments possible. Water testing can be done on-site with portable testing kits, or water samples can be collected to send to a professional lab.

Without a doubt, the best quality of water testing is crucial to the economic, health, and social well-being of the people and property. At Eastern Water and Health, we have professionals to perform this job carefully. Call us today to learn more or request a free quote online.

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Professional Water Treatment In Port Saint Lucie

#PSLWaterGuy – We will collect your water sample and can test it on the spot with the homeowner for free, or send it to a certified water testing lab for a small fee. If we test contaminants in your water, we would suggest the best water treatment system for your home. At Eastern Water And Health ,the PSL Water Guy, we have been offering top-of-the-line water treatment solutions to ensure easy access to clean, healthy water.

Our water treatment process involves different operations that aim to eliminate or minimize the level of contaminants, or non-desirable material of water. In Port St Lucie Fl, or nearby locations, water treatment (Purification and Filtration) has been essential due to the population’s growing needs. If you need professional Water Testing in Port St Lucie, you can call us right now or request a free quote online!

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​Is Port St Lucie Tap Water Safe To Drink?

The entire water supply of Port St Lucie Fl is regulated by two independent water sources: The Shallow Aquifer and The Deep Floridan Aquifer. While both origins are pristine, questions about the safety of tap water are asked frequently.
The drinking water quality in Port St Lucie is safe and continues to meet all the federal and state standards. However, water treatment is still recommended for commercial and residential properties consuming water from their private wells.

Does Port St Lucie Have Hard Water?

Hard water is a common issue in Florida, and Port St Lucie is not an exception. Hard Water in St Lucie comes from wells and the city’s water supply system.
Due to heavy rainfall and limestone beneath our state, South Florida has more hard water than other areas in Florida. It can make your life difficult as it builds up on showers, damages clothes, stains the sides of homes where sprinklers hit, and affects plumbing appliances.

Is the St Lucie Water Polluted?

Florida’s Department Of Health in St Lucie has previously issued warnings that talk about the presence of a high level of enteric bacteria and an indication of fecal pollution in public water ways. Heavy rainfall often brings large influxes of freshwater mixed with animal fecal matter into the St Lucie waterways, making their water unsafe for household purposes. St Lucie County Water conditions are not “polluted” and are “safe” to drink. Here at Eastern Water and Health, we ensure the Port St Lucie water you drink will be healthy for the entire family!
If you would like water testing services, you should call Eastern Water And Health ,the PSL Water Guy. Our water testing professionals will visit your commercial or residential property and suggest the best water treatment options available. Find the best water testing in Port St Lucie by calling us at 772-301-1767
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