Drinking Water Quality in Port St Lucie

Worried about drinking water quality in Port St Lucie? Count on us for the professional purification service your water system requires. If you live in Port St Lucie, you know that the city is charged with ensuring that the drinking water quality in your home or at your commercial property meets the standard of FDEP. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prescribe standards to ensure that your tap water is safe to drink. These laws limit the number of specific contaminants in water provided by public water systems.

Although our city water is continually monitored, many residents are alarmed to learn there are still allowable amounts of dissolved solids in our tap water. It is common to find by-products of drinking water disinfection, lead, and barium in our drinking water in St Lucie county. 
Suppose you are concerned with these contaminants or simply want better-tasting drinking water. In that case, it is recommended that you regularly get your water quality checked as per EPA’s regulations from a professional and expert company such as Eastern Water And Health. This ensures that your drinking water quality in Port St. Lucie remains not just to city standards but to your standards as well.

At Eastern Water and Health ,the PSL Water Guy, we have trained technicians who will test your water quality, educate you on the best solutions, and answer any questions you might have. We’ve extensively worked with water filtration systems and water treatment solutions. This expertise enables us to customize our services and products to match your unique requirements. 
Contact us for an in-home drinking water quality test and take control of your family’s health.

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City’s water supply in St Lucie Florida

The shallow aquifer and the deeper Floridan aquifer are two water sources for the Port St Lucie community. An 8.0 million gallon per day lime softening facility treats raw water from the shallow aquifer around 100 feet deep. 
As it goes through the town’s storm drains and wastewater treatment plants, the water that makes its way into your home flows through another filtration facility that eliminates tiny particles and other undesired items from the water. Heavy metals such as lead and copper are also removed from the drinking water.
While the water may be safe to drink when it leaves the treatment plant, it can pick up toxins on the way to your tap. At Eastern Water And Health, we recommend that you should periodically check the drinking water quality at your home or office. We are a top-rated choice for residential and commercial property for whole house water solutions; we can install any water treatment system you may require, whether a Reverse Osmosis system or water softener.

​Drinking water in Port St. Lucie FL

Even in 2020, lead and copper levels in drinking water in some locations across the United States are too high, posing a public health risk to residents in such places. How much is too much in a human body? Do you want these metals in your system at all?
What about the water at Port St. Lucie? What is the amount of lead and copper in your drinking water? Annually, St. Lucie county publishes a water quality report. Still, if you are looking to not have such contaminants in your drinking water at all, you can count on Eastern Health And Water. 
We are committed to offering a workable solution to all your drinking water needs in St Lucie County. Many home and business owners trust us with their whole water system. 

​Is the tap water in Port St Lucie safe to drink?

Florida’s water supply is safe for drinking as per the findings of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and information from the US EPA Enforcement. 
St Lucie County’s water utility report states that tap water meets federal health-based drinking water criteria for the most recent quarter examined by the US EPA. The question is and will always be concerning your expectations of your drinking water. Are you okay with chlorine and fluoride in your water? Are you okay with trace amounts of chemicals? 
Our skilled technicians at Eastern Water And Health can swiftly and easily solve every water issue in your home, offering reliable treatment alternatives. With us, you can rest assured that your water is in good hands.

​Is the water in Port St Lucie hard?

The water in Port Saint Lucie FL originates from surrounding lakes and streams. This indicates that it not only covers a considerable distance before reaching your city or well, but it also undergoes multiple levels of water treatment all along the way. Port Saint Lucie hard water can be difficult on houses and the people who live in them. 
Stubborn buildup, wear on appliances, and dry skin are just a few of the signs that show us our water is hard. This is the prime reason Port St Lucie county residents choose water softeners from Eastern Water And Health. Our water solutions are highly efficient and highly effective for removing the pollutants that cause hard water problems in the home.

How can you determine the quality of water?

Overall water quality is determined by comparing various variables, such as turbidity and pH (among others), to nationally regulated norms. 
Every six years, the benchmarking for drinking water gets increasingly more stringent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes drinking water standards to regulate the allowable level of pollutants in your drinking water. 
Every year, Eastern Water and Health is called in for many free in-home water tests and seeks to provide the highest quality of water to our customers using the best technologies available. This is accomplished by field testing as well as in-depth laboratory testing.

In the long run, you don’t want to deal with the harmful impacts of low water quality in your home. Eastern Water and Health is here to help solve whole house water and drinking water problems! Call (772) 301- 1767 for an efficient whole water solution at your home.
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