Boost Your Well Water System with High-Pressure Tanks

When well water pressure tanks need repair, it can cause quite a disruption in your home. Port St Lucie, and Florida for that matter, are known to have hard water that contains several allowable contaminants. So when you made the decision to improve the quality of your water with a well water treatment system, you were making a decision to improve the health of your family and home as well. Now that there are water pressure tank problems, you are unable to filter out those contaminants wreaking havoc on your plumbing, appliances, and wallet. Contacting one of our professionals at Eastern Water and Health can help you get your pressure tank up and running in no time.

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What Does a Well Pressure Tank Do?

In a well water system, a pump cycles well water into pressure tanks that have compressed air inside. The air pressure is used to push water into your home when you turn on a faucet or a water-using appliance. As the water is pushed through the pipes, the pressure drops in the tanks. The pump then kicks on, filling the tanks with well water, thus filling them with pressure again. If you notice that your pressure tanks are not filling, the repair or replacement needed may be a good pump. To learn more about well-pump services, click here.

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Signs That Your Well Water Pressure Tanks Need Repair

If you live in Port St Luce or anywhere throughout the Treasure Coast and are concerned about your water pressure, it would be helpful to take the first step and check the water pressure in your tanks using a dial or digital pressure gauge. Your tank should be 2 to 3 psi (pounds per square inch) below the cut-on psi setting. Make sure you check your cut-off and cut-on psi settings to ensure that you are within the normal range.

A change in water pressure or a low/high psi reading could be an indication that your pressure tanks need repair. Low water pressure could indicate a ruptured bladder, a failing well pump, a stuck valve, or a pressure tank leak. Due to the number of possible problems, it is important to contact a professional, so that they can determine the root cause of the issue and repair or replace the components needed.

If you notice leaking, faucet drips, or a higher water bill, you may have high water pressure. High water pressure can cause damage to water-use appliances, plumbing (such as pipe leaks and ruptured pipes), and switches. If the pressure reaches 80 psi, it could stop the pump from reaching the cut-off pressure. To reduce damage caused by high water pressure, consult our team to help with your system problem.

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What Eastern Water and Health Can Provide For You

Our company has dedicated hard workers that use top leading durable brands for all of your well water emergency installation and repairs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you:

  • need a pump, tank, or other features replaced or repaired
  • need help with any questions you have regarding system components (pressure switch, air valve, replaceable bladder, etc.) and systems in general 
  • notice short cycling, low water pressure, high water pressure, leaks, or unsettling plumbing noises

Though the service we offer depends on the system’s needs, we can guarantee you the best customer service and a job well done quickly. Be sure to check out our reviews to see how efficiently we have helped our clients.