What Is The Amount Of Chlorine Found In City Water?

Worried about the increasing amount of chlorine found in city water? Connect with Eastern Water and Health for a quick water treatment solution. Water is a basic necessity for the human body, a living thing cannot survive without water. We know this but how often do you think about the quality of water you consume daily? Ever looked at the water that pours out from our faucets? Regular water can contain many minerals that are harmful to the human body and the symptoms are visible only after a long duration. 

Many residents in Florida have complained about increasing chlorine found in city water.  Basically, chlorine is used to disinfect the drinking water. However, there are certain side effects of consuming chlorinated water daily. Many times the water may taste unusual and you would notice a lot of calcium deposited in the bottom of buckets and utensils that are constantly filled with chlorinated water. 

It is recommended to take expert’s help to examine the quality of tap water and drinking water. Counting on professionals like Eastern Water and Health can be your best bet. Our experts conduct different tests to find the amount of chlorine found in city water and suggest the best option to get healthy and drinkable water. Schedule a free testing today or connect with our experts online!

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Why Is Chlorine Found In City Water?

Tap water supplies can be originated from different sources and it is difficult to ensure what minerals are present in the water that is coming from different regions. This is the reason chlorine is collectively mixed in tap water and sometimes drinking water, decontaminating it. Chlorine is typically a chemical element used in cleaning products. The Environmental Protection Agency has mentioned a safe scale to add chlorine to the drinking water in order to protect it from infectious microbes and waterborne diseases. 

Cleaning water with chlorine is not a new process, it’s only that people have shifted to better methods like water purifiers, filters and softeners in their households. This contaminated water can have worse consequences if not treated correctly. You know, water chlorination is not only limited to tap water, people also add chlorine to swimming pools and municipal water systems. Though chlorination is a common process, many people use high amounts of chlorine in their water systems. Which resulted in damaging effects like constant stomach ache, diarrhea, etc. 

This is when you can trust the professionals from Eastern Water And Health. It is their prime duty to check the quality of water and ensure you have safe drinking water systems. 

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Effects Of Chlorinated Water

As mentioned earlier, higher amounts of chlorine levels can result in side effects on the human body. Many water treatment plants are dependent on water chlorination to reduce the outbreak of waterborne diseases. Diseases like typhoid fever are at high risk due to infected water. If there is the right amount of chlorine in drinking water you can easily reduce many bacteria, microbes, and protozoa present in water systems. 

Despite its effectiveness, chlorine still has its own demerits. There are many chemicals that are induced in water to decontaminate it. Other methods like chloramine treatment were also used as a water treatment solution in the early 19s. Though the drawbacks of using these chemicals were still present. The most significant effect of chlorine and other decontaminators is that they produce disinfection byproducts. This byproduct is produced when water comes in contact with organic material, and the potential health impacts can be as severe as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, mild fever, food poisoning, etc.

The condition of severe chlorine poisoning is also one of the adverse effects of these disinfection byproducts. To avoid such a condition, you must take professional help and learn about the safe levels of chlorine treatment.    

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Safe Level Of Chlorine In Water

Water is a multipurpose source, it is not only responsible for keeping your body healthy but contaminated water can induce unfortunate results on the environment as well. It is important to ensure safe access to drinking water in your area. 

Chlorination is the most effective method used for drinking water disinfection. By knowing the right and safe chlorine levels you can reduce any chance of harmful health impacts. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the accurate amount of chlorine is less than 4 milligrams per liter or you can measure it as 4 parts per million (ppm). It is important to recognize that you live in an area that practices safe use of chlorine in tap water.

Water in the cities can get contaminated through various sources, old and rusted pipes, soil, lead-based pipelines, etc. Herein, we can conclude that it is crucial to maintain safe drinking water in your area; it is also recommended to get a proper drinking water testing to protect the health of your family, environment and reduce any chance of waterborne disease.  

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How To Ensure You Are Drinking Safe Water?

The guarantee of safe drinking water in Florida still remains in a questionable state. Many households are completely dependent on tap water to cater to their basic needs. While the amount of chlorine found in city water has its own side effects, one must focus on different ways and methods to improve the quality of drinking water in the area. Well trained and equipped team of Eastern Water and Health is known to provide free consultation and water testing in the city. 

A professional can easily identify the problem with the quality of water, especially when there is an excess amount of chlorine found in city water. You can ensure the best quality of water supply with the filtration system provided by the experts at Eastern Water and Health. Acquiring trustable water filters help in balancing the minerals present in water, maintaining the amount of chlorine, and eliminating any contaminants present.

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