Advanced Local Water Purification With Water Softener Installation In Port St Lucie

Water Softener Installation. Port St Lucie, Florida’s best-golfing destination, has a more relaxed atmosphere than its neighbors. Famous for its clean streets, quiet scenic neighborhoods, and enchanting waterways, Port St Lucie has perhaps the most affordable housing market, leading to rising population density and degraded water quality. As the City of Port St Lucie and surrounding areas have grown, the residents have experienced poor water quality in these areas. Bacterial concentrations have exceeded public health standards in these areas, leading to people adopting new ways of water purification. The United States has the best water supply in the world, but as water passes through miles, many human-made and natural chemicals make their way to drinking water.

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Most Significant Factors That Affect The Water Quality In Port St Lucie

Clean water is vital for our communities, economy, and overall health. Every living thing in this world needs water to survive. Regarding the USA’s water quality, 90% of Americans get water from state water supplies. Numerous water treatment methods are applied to purify the water quality, but they sometimes compromise the integrity of the water’s purity. Water contamination is not just a threat to our ecosystem but also severely impacts human water supplies.

Since 85% of the USA’s water is hard, a considerable portion of American households and business owners rely on water softener systems. Along with Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, Port St Lucie is among the few cities struggling with hard water. Here are a few factors that take a significant toll on the water quality of home and business owners in the USA.

Overuse of Household Water Source

It might be surprising for many folks, but excessive household water usage can significantly impact the accessibility of high-quality water. Unless you have a private well, you will likely depend on the state water supply for everyday water needs. As Port St Lucie and surrounding areas are increasing, collective overuse of community water supply can substantially impact the system and equipment, which might affect the water quality.

Environmental Circumstances

Besides artificial water quality factors, the environment can have a massive effect on water quality. Since 45% of Americans have a water softener installed on their property, they are away from sediment pollution. Considering the weather of Port St Lucie and surrounding areas, heavier rainfall and flooding might decrease water quality and increase public health risks.

Plumbing & Utility Equipment

This factor mainly reflects on households’ water supply after the water reaches their tap. Depending on the age of your existing plumbing system (brine tank, water heater, bypass valve, hot and cold water line, drain hose, and fixtures), water quality might be impacted. Rust at the bottom of the mineral tank, leakage in pipes, control valve, and other equipment might lead your water to be contaminated.

Pesticides & Chemicals

The excessive use of pesticides and toxic chemicals in the agriculture industry can badly impact groundwater quality, leading to decreased water quality. The degree of contamination might vary depending on the proximity of such activities from the water well, but it impacts the water quality.

Trash and Littering

Apart from plumbing equipment and the ecosystem, debris and litter such as plastic and other garbage can significantly impact your water quality. Rain and winds often carry these materials into floor drains and waterways, contaminating tap water.

Excessive Quality of Minerals

This is perhaps the biggest reason for hard water. The water quality is often determined by the number of minerals such as calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. A higher level of these minerals will reduce the taste of water and make it hard.

Water purification and water softeners are the most common methods for purifying and softening water. If you want to install a new water softener system or repair the old one, we at PSL Water Guy can help you with water filter changes and whole-house water treatment systems. Wondering how much does water softener system costs? Connect us for a free estimate, or hire professional plumbing experts immediately!

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Most Common Types of Water Purification Services in Port St Lucie

At times, you might ask yourself, “why do you need a water purification system” since there are numerous water purification systems to help you access good quality water. Water quality in Port St Lucie can be impacted severely by many factors. Here are different types of water purification systems that are popular in America for water purification.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Reverse osmosis is one of the market’s most reliable water purification systems. In this process, water pressure passes through a semipermeable membrane, where water is pushed against the RO Membrane to repel all the dissolved materials.

Ultraviolet Water Sterilization and Filtration

Sunlight has long been used as a natural source to kill microorganisms. In this process, the UV rays are used in ultraviolet water purification systems, although at a low intensity. It is also referred to as the germicidal spectrum or frequency.


Filtration is perhaps the most commonly used water purification process in the world. It includes one or more filters proposed to remove turbidity, taste, odor, iron, or color in the water. If you are concerned about hard water in Port St Lucie, a water filtration system is the best method to remove certain chemicals such as chlorine.

Different types of filters are used in the water filtration process. At PSL Water Guy, we offer a range of professional plumbing services and products at competitive rates.

Mechanical Filters

These filters remove sediments, dirt, and other particles from the water using a barrier. Mechanical filters can be anything from basic mesh to a complex pore structure for ultra-fine filtration.

Absorption Filters

Absorption filters are commonly used to carry away carbon particles and are effective at capturing water-borne contaminants. These filters have substantial internal space, which is why they can absorb vast quantities of carbon and provide high-quality water constantly.

How Do Water Softener Systems Work?

Do you have hard water, or are you worried about the rotten egg smell in your water? A water softener system is a thing you might need to rid of minerals and contaminants that pollute and make water soft and drinkable. With 85% of the US population relying on hard water for everyday use, such as cooking, bathing, and cleaning, water softener systems come with a solid purpose.

Working Process of Water Softener Systems

A water softener system removes excessive minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water. It purified water through a process which is called ion exchange. In this process, hard water passes through the mineral tank and flows through the bed of resin beads. These beads are usually charged with sodium ions. Since resin beads have a negative charge and minerals have a positive change, this process makes their cation. As hard water passes through the resin, the beads absorb the mineral ions and remove them from the water, making water safe, tasty, soft, and healthy.

Essential Components of a Water Softener System

Water softener systems usually have three components: a control valve, a mineral tank, and a brine tank. These three components work together to remove minerals from hard water through regeneration.

  • The Mineral Tank
  • The Control Valve
  • The Brine Tank

At PSL Water Guy, we offer simple water softener system installation and repair services at PSL Water Guy. Along with this, we provide high-quality products from top brands. Whether you have a residential or commercial water softener installation project, we will help you pick and install the best system.

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The Future of Water Purification is Now

Clean water is a necessity today. Clean water quality is essential every time, from drinking to bathing, cleaning, and cooking. Achieving high-quality water without a proper water treatment system is challenging. Many valuable tools increase water quality thanks to cutting-edge water softener systems and ever-evolving technologies.

While the focus is on producing energy-efficient products, especially in industrialized countries, wastewater treatment plants are getting more extensive and efficient. Different types of water softener systems are in the market, evolving daily to facilitate advanced water cleaning. As per a report, 783 million people globally do not have access to clean and safe water. Also, along with the increasing population, water scarcity is another growing concern. Now talking about the evolving water purification technologies, the following technologies might significantly impact water treatment systems.

Solar Technology

As mentioned earlier, energy efficiency is the hottest topic in the water treatment industry. Using sunlight to produce clean water dates back over two thousand years, and sunlight has long been recognized to kill microorganisms in the water that can make humans ill. Solar Water Heaters are already there, but with the introduction of solar water treatment and softener systems, there will be a revolution.


When it comes to water filtration, nanotechnology works exceptionally well. Since nanomaterials have a large surface area, selective permeability, high reactivity, and affinity for specific contaminants can result in increased quality. The incorporation of nanotechnologies in water treatment systems is a new process that works by detecting heavy metals and pesticides.

Water Desalination

The newest breakthrough in advanced water treatment and purification technology is filtering water directly from the sea. If it successfully works and is integrated with everyday water softener systems, this will facilitate affordable and high-quality water quality.

High Tech Filtration

The growing threat of water scarcity is a genuine concern, and as experts are working towards it, high-tech filtration and purification methods are getting popular. Different water filters have been upgraded constantly to facilitate better water filtration.

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Benefits Of Having An Efficient Plumbing System

Clean water is the first thing we need when we reach home or the office. Most Americans are drinking chlorine-treated water that might taste good but still has many harmful bacterias, chemicals, and other pollutants and contaminants.

Various advanced commercial and residential water filtration systems can help you get rid of the common issues and impurities in water. Whatever types of water purification and treatment system you have, here are the benefits you will get.

  • Access to safer and cleaner drinking water anytime
  • It removes water impurities and helps prevent water disasters
  • It helps maintain the good water quality
  • Improve the taste of water
  • Save on soap and prevent skin conditions caused by hard water
  • An efficient plumbing system prevents injuries and water emergencies
  • A regular plumbing inspection can help save massive on repair costs

Now that you know the benefits of having an efficient plumbing system, you can improve its efficiency, minimize the load, and get access to cleaner and healthier drinking water. Need a water softener system today? Connect with local water purification experts online or call us at 772-301-1767.

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