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What that means is we want to provide the best system to fix your water issues and not one that is designed to be a temporary fix or “band-aid.” Systems that require a lot of service calls are due to fail from the beginning.  #PSLWaterGuy

At Eastern Water and Health, we don’t like the idea of locking our customers into a certain brand or company, where you can only get parts or service from us. All of our equipment can be serviced by other water professionals if needed or homeowners who are more of a “hand on” or “DIYs”.

When you choose our business, we do our best to always keep our services and product available at a reasonable price. There are multiple ways you can “fix” water, some work, some don’t. Each available method costs different amounts to get to the desired end result. Give us a call today so we can show you the difference and help you get you and your family good, clean water.

#PSLWaterGuy - We use local vendors and systems because they are built to handle the water quality here in Florida. When you choose Eastern Water & Health, you know you're getting high quality equipment that will last.

MISSION: To provide a reliable system that requires minimal service by the consumer, at a reasonable price.

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Our Team

Eastern Water and Health was founded out of necessity for better drinking water in St Lucie County. Our founder, Joe,  is a veteran who was a resident of St Lucie County. He preferred a higher water quality for his family than what he was getting from the tap and he did not want to continue purchasing bottled water so he began to learn about water filtration systems offered in the area. He realized that most other companies were a one-size-fits-all all approach and were not American-made systems. Not only that, many companies were proprietary, meaning only their service providers and contractors could work on the systems to not void the given warranty. This understanding, along with years of working with and learning about water treatment services and water filtration systems led him to open Eastern Water and Health

Throughout the years, Joe continued to build a large following of happy clients and after years of successfully providing cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water to his clients and friends, his business became a top provider in St. Lucie County. In 2022, Joe decided to retire to spend more time with his family, entrusting the business to his friend and coworker, Josh.

Whether you are a new client to Eastern Water and Health, an existing client, or someone just checking us out, it is important to note that our business has not changed in anything except the ownership. Clients can expect to get the same quality of services and water expertise in Josh that they did with Joe. Rest assured that Joe is still very much present in the business and speaks with Josh frequently as the transition from Joe to Josh should simply be one of a name and face change of the business.

Reach out if you would like to speak with our team and let us help you get cleaner, healthier water!

Eastern water & Health, or #PSLWaterGuy, specializes in the following services:

  • Water Purification port St Lucie
  • Reverse osmosis system installation services for in-home drinking water
  • Reverse osmosis system repair & replacement services in-home drinking water
  • Whole-home water softener / water filtration system installation services
  • Whole home water softener / water filtration system repair & replacement services
  • Softener Salt Delivery Services
  • Water Quality Testing Services
  • Filters and Changes
  • Reminders to Clients about upcoming service needs
  • Serving healthy water that is free of unnecessary chemicals and contaminants
  • City or Well water services

The founder of Eastern Water and Health is a Veteran with 13 years of water experience in both the military and civilian sectors. We started in the St Lucie area in 2016. Eastern Water and Health hires only the best, most experienced water technicians, many of whom have also served our country.